HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 35


Extra, extra: we’re terribly boring!

00:00 Intro
00:22 Collin was super duper tired when we recorded this because of a 22 mile run
01:22 35 episodes in and we’re already recycling material
02:38 Defrosting the freezer (this episode is full of thrills)
04:08 Robin babbles about the Oscars
04:38 I mean seriously
05:30 Collin is a PRETENDER
06:22 My favorite celebrity gossip of all time (illustrations)
08:25 Collin valiantly tries to segue away from celebrity gossip
08:40 We had to be boring this week to recover from last weekend and prepare for my friends visiting next week
10:02 Happy 2nd birthday to our niece Gia!
10:40 Anniversary shout-outs
11:57 We bought eye masks and it might save our marriage
14:16 Seriously, we’re the boringest!
14:40 We have special episodes coming up in the next two weeks to make up for this.
15:20 EXTRA BIT!


  1. I even LOVED this podcast….its always very EXCITING for me to listen to both of you!!!!………..oh my God do you think I need to get a life?

  2. “That other white chick.” Yup. And I love that you can remember our anniversary because of Gia’s birthday. :) AND you are NOT BORING. I adore you both!

    That is super weird that the mask is helping Collin’s night terrors. I wonder what the science is behind that! Maybe it physically forces his eyes to a position more conducive to REM sleep? Or whatever stage is less prone to terrors?

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