HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 36


00:00 Intro
00:22 Remember when this happened?

[Dolly was robbed!]
00:32 This is not actually a special episode because we actually did stuff this week we want to talk about
00:45 Things are going better for Collin at work
01:30 We went to a cricket match!
02:36 I make the dubious argument that cricket is more similar to roller derby than to baseball
03:15 This was a Twenty20 or T20 cricket match
04:00 Our rough summary of the rules of cricket is probably hilarious to anyone who actually understands cricket, which I assume is exactly zero of our listeners.
05:36 “Sticky wicket” is not a familiar idiom to South Africans and Australians
06:00 We object to the dramatic structure of a cricket match
07:44 We went to an improv show, which made me feel more at home
09:30 My friends are coming! My friends are coming! Today!
09:56 Collin possibly resented how much I cleaned up the apartment in preparation for my friends’ arrival.
12:15 Outro


  1. you blew it guys…….now Im going to check the baseboards when we get there!!!!!! oh oh!!!!
    Sounds like it was a great week with lots of new adventures!!! so happy to hear about your work Collie…hope you get the good news soon!!! Robbie are you still going to that improv class? Im sure you will have tons of practice with your muppets there!!!!! Have a FANTASTIC time with your buds!!! Give them our love!!!! lots of kisses and hugs to ya all!!!!!!

  2. Is it bad that I’m so bored by Cricket that I spent most of this episode thinking about how awesome the NEXT episode is?

    I’m curious about the improv, though. Did you find it was culturally different? Was it as funny as what you see in America? Was it professionals or more like an FNI show?

    I wish I could get on frantic cleaning sprees. Even when I’m in cleaning mode for like, A PARTY, I definitely hit a wall.

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