Muppets Getting Married

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There are TWO, count ‘em: TWO weddings happening in my immediate circle of so-close-we’re-family friends, which we refer to as The Muppets for ease (and because we are actually more or less a ragtag gang of unpredictable cabaret performers).

I know I’ve shared this video before, and I’m guessing I’ll share it again. DEAL!

First up, literally moments ago in Edinburgh, Scotland, my dear friend Regina married her love Bob. If you missed how adorable they are, check out the special episode of the HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast they joined me in recording.

Between the smallness, distance, and coincidental timing of Regina’s wedding, none of the Muppets could be there to celebrate with Reg and Bob, so we made them a “we’re thinking of you and love you” wedding present from afar. And it’s pretty fucking amazing:

Abby Fudor, one of my partners in Frankly Scarlett crime and general life awesomeness, conceptualized, organized the compilation of, and busted her ass to edit this video. As you can see, she got friends old and new from around the world to lip dub their love for Regina and their congratulations to Bob for landing such a fantastic lady. There are a million inside jokes in there, obviously, but I’m pretty sure that it transcends them and is just a flat out amazing celebration of love and friendship.

Then, on Sunday, my friend Ben will marry his long-time love Lauren. You may remember Ben and Lauren from the guest post Ben wrote about his freaking amazing proposal story (also featuring a video edited by Abby Fudor! She’s like Martin Scorsese over here).

Photo by Ben’s Best Man, Lou Stein

I remember Ben from ten years of having a funny, fun, caring, wise, and wickedly smart friend. Ben taught me how to drive a car. Ben helped me survive law school (and CORRECTLY AND WISELY told me to not go in the first place). Ben is my big brother. And Lauren is the person who has made him the happiest in all the time I’ve known him. (And as I’ve drunkenly told her at a million parties, she’s just THE BEST and I’d probably want to be her friend even if she weren’t dating one of my BFFs, which goes TRIPLE DOUBLE for Collin, who used to zero in on Lauren at parties so they could talk science and academia and get a break from the rest of us weirdos.)

I am lucky enough to be able to attend Ben and Lauren’s wedding, and honored to be co-delivering one of the seven blessings in traditional Jewish ceremonies. I can’t wait to send those two off to a lifetime of eternal bliss. In fact, I can’t wait, I am getting picked up in 25 minutes to help haul centerpieces to the venue.

So in summary: HAPPY WEDDING to Regina and Bob and Ben and Lauren. My heart is overflowing with joy for you guys.

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  1. Muppets are all about divorce too http://youtu.be/AQh5G8mOiSA

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