MitchCode in Edinburgh Podcast Episode 1


This is the special edition podcast I recorded last week in Scotland with Regina and Bob. Sorry it took me so long to get it up, I had a series of technical difficulties because I had used a remarkably terrible recording app for the iPad. I ultimately had to just play it off the iPad next to my laptop’s microphone and then scrub the audio, so if it sounds really creepy and tinny and vaguely underwater, it’s because I’m not very good at this whole sound editing thing. It doesn’t help I had to compress the file more than normal because of the length. I bet if I didn’t say anything you wouldn’t notice the weirdness. I probably should have kept quiet and let you blame your own ears on the alienness of the sound.

Also, I find it difficult to know when I am speaking vs when Regina is speaking, so god help the rest of you. It is easy to distinguish Bob’s male and Scottish voice, though, but you mostly have to wait for the Extra Bit to hear him speak. But trust me, it is worth the wait.

Here’s the breakdown:

00:00 Somber and majestic intro!
00:47 This episode was recorded in Scotland, without Collin, but with Regina and Bob!

Here are their bums.

01:22 Festival time in Edinburgh
01:55 Important linguistic note regarding American vs. British definitions of “quite.”
03:00 I get a Diet Coke fix
04:11 Seeing Stewart Lee’s stand up show Carpet Remnant World
05:21 Drinking and watching the Olympics Closing Ceremonies at City Cafe
06:25 The Spice Girls were the only important part of the Closing Ceremonies
07:19 Chugging IRN BRU is the best thing to do when you get home really drunk
07:54 Seeing Brave in a theater full of adorable Scottish children
08:46 The Urban Decay Smoked palette steals our hearts
11:06 There was an actual summer day in Edinburgh!
11:48 Our first attempt at seeing women performers at Festival was thwarted by everyone taking Monday off, so we went home and watched Black Books instead.
12:35 But on Tuesday we were able to see an all-female improv troupe called Girl Band. They were funny!
13:50 Seeing Blind Summit’s The Table
14:13  Is this sign funny?

[Photo by Josh S. on Flickr]

16:14 I ended up on stage operating one third of the puppet, and worse yet ended up BREAKING OFF THE PUPPET’S HAND
17:04 I did not ruin the entire show though, thank god.
19:27 Sign-off
19:58 I believe this is the sound of a high-five
20:11 Here’s how you really pronounce Edinburgh


  1. This made my heart grow three sizes!

  2. Only a few seconds in, but had to say– you weren’t kidding! You guys sound exactly the same. Conspiracy theory: maybe you didn’t really go anywhere, you just made up these other identities…

  3. I’m pretty sure I also took a picture of a sign about changing priorities when I was in London. Definitely funny.

  4. The two of you do sound quite (in the American sense) similar. My favorite bit had to be “Waffles!” in Bob’s American impersonation though.

    Black Books is awesome, and for Americans it is available in its entirety on Hulu. (I’m not sure what their licensing rights are in regards to watching from elsewhere, but I’m going to assume it’s like most streaming things I enjoy and not available outside the US). Hulu also has Green Wing, Spaced, Father Ted, and other (mostly older) British shows.

  5. But does Taggart like waffles?

  6. For the record, Bob is the lone dissenter in saying that sign isn’t funny. Also, I too found it almost impossible to tell us apart. We’re different people.

  7. But what does the sign mean???

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