HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 18

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This week’s episode runs a little shorter than normal because I’m too busy getting ready to go back to America (I leave tomorrow!!!) to a) have interesting things to talk about b) talk about non-interesting things.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Getting ready for Robin’s trip back to the US
02:20 Discussion of South African pizza, which is delicious, although I’m definitely looking forward to eating good old fashioned American pizza next week
03:08 Date night marred by a broken beer glass

06:20 This discussion of the extent to which Damon Wayanses Sr. and Jr. resemble each other is the kind of boring crap I normally edit out, but this episode ran short, so enjoy it!
07:41 We returned to the Bay Harbour Market at Hout Bay, which was deserted because who goes to an indoor marketplace on a beautiful day?
08:44 Collin was able to actually join his gym without any discussion of his religious beliefs
09:26 Worrying about missing each other when we’re apart for the next three weeks
09:52 But you don’t have to worry about missing this podcast, because we have some special episodes ready for you
10:58 Preview of one of those special episodes!!
11:11 Outro
11:40 EXTRA BIT!

One Comment

  1. Omg your beer story. THIS HAPPENED TO ME IN CANADA. We were at brunch and I had an Orangina. I poured it into a glass, which I would end up regretting because after drinking out of it for a few minutes, I lifted the glass to take another drink and THE BOTTOM FELL OUT. I ended up with sticky orange soda all over the table, myself, and my bag, which is still stained to this day. Luckily, their customer service was good and they brought me another one for free. :)

    Also, THANK YOU for the plugs! You guys are the bomb dot com! And chipapalooza made me HONGRY.


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