In Which It Is My Job to be Cool


I have a couple new writing gigs to keep me busy here in Cape Town that I’m truly excited about.

First, I’m joining the team of leweekly.co.za, a “things to do in Cape Town” blog/newsletter. I’ll be contributing pieces, some of which will be more of the “hey, this is an event listing!” type (flexing my copy writing muscles), and some of which will be written in my voice as a newcomer to Cape Town experiencing all the classic hangouts for the first time. I’m also going to be editing/managing the site because its founders have more important things in their lives like babies and jobs that pay money.

The best thing about this gig is that it forces me to BE COOL. I have to DO STUFF. I have to TRY NEW THINGS. I have to attempt to be IN THE KNOW. As a firm believer in the “fake it til you make it” style of achieving anything, I suppose its only a matter of time until I am cool enough to wear a vest and not look like a caterer [being able to pull off vests is the high-water mark of cool in my book].

I will also be writing a weekly column on the feminist film review site Bitch Flicks, going up on Fridays starting August 3 (or as they say here, 3 August. I have to get used to this backwards way of things!) Bitch Flicks is one of my favorite websites in the whole of the internet, probably the only thing that I never “mark as read” in my reader, and I’m really excited about pushing myself to live up to its standards of excellence. And about having an excuse to go to the movies more often.

In short: Everything’s coming up HitchDied!


  1. That is awesome! Congratulations! And you moved to CAPETOWN. I think that makes you pretty cool already.

  2. Yay!!! Yay!!!! Yay!!!!! You are in a great place in your life Robbie!!!! The universe is working with you !!!!! It needs your talent for all to read and experience along with you!!!! So happy for you!!!!!!

  3. Rum and Vests go perfectly together!

  4. Robin! You sly fox. Yeah you did.

  5. That is awesome. You are a powerhouse.

  6. How exciting, congratulations. It also sounds lots of fun and fits you well (with the movie reviews and discovering places). Plus you are a talented writer. I am just curious… did you find them or did they find you ?

  7. Long live HitchDied movie reviews! You should post links here when your posts go up (yes I know you probably will announce on Twitter too but I still find myself overstimulated by Twitter and running back into the shelter of my carefully organized Google Reader feeds…)

  8. cape town is lucky to have a Cool writer like you. Yours is a fun interesting concept for all to read. Can’t wait for the new episodes. Franco

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