Recap: Getting My Hair Did


This is how I woke up the day I got married: At 8:20AM, my phone rang, it was my hairstylist April. She said, “Hey are you guys on your way?”  Because I was 20 minutes late for my appointment. Which I thought was at 9AM.

Why would I schedule my hair appointment for 8AM? Why oh why? I have no idea.  But I did, and I was now 20 minutes late. And the salon is 20 minutes away.

I frantically got dressed and called my bridesmaids to tell them to get it in gear.  I was about ten seconds away from a meltdown when Collin stopped me and grabbed my hands and said, “Sweatheart. It’s ok.”

“I just hate that the first thing that happened today is something going wrong.”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re still getting married today. That’s all that matters.”

Then he cried, and I laughed, because I have been teasing him about how he was SO GOING TO CRY during our ceremony, and I saw this as further proof that I was right. [Spoiler alert: he didn't.]

[Photo by Louis Stein]

The people at the salon were very forgiving about our lateness, which I am so grateful for.  April said, “look at this wonderful weather you are having!” I seriously was so flustered that I hadn’t bothered to notice the weather.  It was, indeed, gorgeous out.  April did me up in hot rollers, a million times faster than I can ever set my own hair.  My wedding planner Shannon had set up a delightful breakfast spread and I went to town on it.  Mimosas make everything better.

From that point on I was very chill, such that I didn’t mind that the Diedrichs were running late even past the point we thought the appointment was, or I left my veil at the hotel (Actually, the Diedrichs lateness helped solve that problem!)

You may recall from Twitter that I was not particularly happy with my “trial run” updo.  I did not go back for a second trial because I was tired of spending money on the wedding, and I could hardly spare the time for it.  I just told April “bigger and looser” and made Carrie promise to force me to ask her to re-do it if I didn’t like it.  There was no need for that assertiveness, because that three word instruction turned my hair into exactly what I wanted. When we added The Deeds & Petunia veil I won from Mouse’s giveaway and a few extra fabric flowers to match the ones on my dress, the look was complete.

[This was just a test shot before the first look, but I love the way the veil looks!]

Photos by Mike Rubino

Something I failed to anticipate about getting my wedding day was the very awkward walk back to my hotel room with my hair done up and my veil on even with me dressed in a tank top.  [One of those tank tops from Victoria's Secret that says "sexy little bride," and I will have you know it was a gift, but I'm not even going to pretend that I would be above buying a shirt like that.  I hate to break this to you guys, but I am not particularly cool.]  The people I rode the elevator with wished me a happy wedding day, and I know I would have done the exact same thing, but in the moment the scrutiny made me uncomfortable.

[Photo by Louis Stein, and posting this totally justifies putting in that one up top where my eye looks like a cartoon deer's]

One little curl kept falling out of my hairdo all day (you can see it in the photo above and countless others), and it annoyed during the day, but I actually like the way it looks in photos.  By the end of the night, as much hair was out of my updo as was in, and it might have looked a little ridiculous, but I could not have cared less if you paid me.

Was the year and a half of growing out my hair worth it? I can’t say for sure.  But you know what was profoundly awesome? Cutting all my hair off the day after my wedding.  But that story deserves its own post, so stay tuned.  But I’m not so much of a tease that I won’t show you what my new hair looks like:

[Photo by Louis Stein, haircut by Hannah at the Squill Phillip Pelusi, tits by God]





  1. You are such a liar. Collin definitely cried during the ceremony.

  2. Wait, what!? When did he cry?

    • During the vows! He could barely talk. And that got me all faklempt.

      • Update, folks: Josh and I have agreed to disagree on this point until the video comes back.

        • Josh is crazy. Collin did not cry. He said “cuuns” a hundred thousand times, but that’s not crying.

          • Oay… Here’s what happened.. I was pausing a lot during the first part because I have a reading disorder and reading out loud is really hard for me. I kept mixing up the lines and words. Robin thought I was crying at that time during the ceremony, but I wasn’t. However, I did start crying, not just pausing, during the part of my vows when I talked about being there for my CUUN through the anxiety and depression.

            So Robin… you are a liar. A cuun little liar.

    • So Collin already jumped in here, but I was going to chime in that I distinctly remember Collin doing the manly pause-cry thing. Where the voice cracks, going into falsetto for a second, but barely trembles. It’s more of a consistent-choke-back crying, than a real cry.

      But I sort of think there was a part he got slightly more cry-y at the end, like he says. Like Josh, and I assume many others, I cried (even more) when this started to happen.

      I also very much remember where everyone was sitting.

  3. Friend. Two things:
    1. Your new haircut is gorgeous
    2. I just scheduled my 8am hair appt on my wedding day and I’m already scared I’ll be hungover/late

    • Thank you. Also, 8AM is too early to do anything but drink coffee and MAYBE watch the Today Show. Maybe. But I guess for afternoon weddings you gotta go as early as possible. My wedding was at 6:30, though, so I don’t know what I was thinking,

  4. Love the wedding hair and the new hair! That veil rocks.

    p.s. insert laughter over the fact that you apparently didn’t notice he cried during the ceremony, thanks for clarifying things Josh.

  5. Oh my gosh!

    (looks again)

    Yep, Oh my gosh. That cut is amazing. AMAZING.

  6. omg, your new hair looks AMAZING!!!!

  7. Can I swear here? Holy shitcrackers! Your hair looks friggin’ awesome!

  8. Wow, you are so brave. You look beautiful and polished and so different with the new cut. I could never do something so drastic but then again my hair is kind of curly wavy fluffy and I’ve never found a hairdresser I trust.
    Your bridal do was very pretty too I like the matching flowers and yes that curl that kept falling dow (I had one in my face kind of kept getting it out of the way).

  9. Gorgeous wedding hair and an elegant post-wedding crop (I’m certain I already said this once? Losing my mind).

    When I got ready for my first wedding, I drove myself to the salon (20 minute freeway drive) without thinking about the drive back, in full veil. Got some pretty funny looks as I drove back to my parents’ house. This time, I’ve hired someone who will come to our house to do my hair so that wedding-morning insanity involving five kids and 13 adults can bustle all around me, and I can sit there in my pajamas while someone spray paints makeup on my face and wrestles my stick-straight hair into some semblance of pretty.

  10. Your pre and post wedding hair is awesome. Also, this is exactly why I scheduled my hair for noon and am totally making my mom and MIL take the early slots. ;) (What? I need my bridal beauty sleep and my MIL at least is an early riser.)

  11. Also, inquiring minds want to know. How did you get your sexy little bride shirt OFF once you had your hair and veil all in place?

    • I pulled it off over my head like a normal shirt, the neck hole was bigger than my head even with fancy hair and a floufy veil. Getting in my dress was much more damaging to my do than getting out of that shirt.

  12. I have actually been meaning to ask you about your wedding hair for a while, but keep forgetting.

    I must have missed your first “I’m That Woman” entry about growing out your hair (I remembered the accessory-buying one) …because at some point last year I was all “wow, Robin’s hair is getting LONG.” And someone, maybe Annie L? was like “oh yeah, she’s doing the bride thing.” Me: “What bride thing?” Her: “growing her hair long and getting blonde highlights. All girls do this with a wedding on the horizon.”

    I was sort of dumbfounded, mainly because I had never heard of that. Certainly not highlights. I am wondering if I might do this, and part of me is like “well, I like changing my hair up and I’ve certainly altered lengths or bang-amount for like, roles in a play…” So I suppose I might, but I find it interesting.

    I mentioned this to other people over the year (clearly I find ‘hair’ interesting, thus my lengthy comment on this entry) and various Cool Kids have often responded “i don’t know, I would never want to look different than I look for my wedding day.” (other than the all white, long, expensive dress, veil/feather/fascinator, posing in fields and factories and stuff…)

    Anyway, I think it’s interesting fodder for a follow-up entry! If you want. Reading your first entry on hair I understand a little more now, but yeah, do you wonder if you will end up having short or short-ish hair for like, 80% of your life when it’s all said and done and you will feel weird looking at Different Robin in your wedding photos? Is that okay because aren’t we sort of supposed to look all gussied up in every way on our wedding day? Do you look short hair on your adult face and/or does Collin like it? (both concerns in that first entry)

    other comments:
    1) I loved those fabric flowers! I kept saying that on your wedding day but I’ll SAY IT AGAIN.
    2) Collin was such an Anxiety Robin champ that day and that weekend. You should marry him!
    3) “cartoon deer” so funny. So true.
    4) Did you get “tits by God” from me, a la Addi, from a FB photo from your wedding? AHEM.
    5) I love that black and white photo of your hair by Mike. Your hair looks like the protagonist in a film noir piece.

    • So, we talked about this last night, but for Internet posterity, the highlights were one of the many things I did to stop myself from cutting off all my hair before the wedding. I needed a change. [Plus I wanted to hide my grays. I'm also totally shallow, please keep in mind.] I think that growing hair out is a bride cliche, but I haven’t noticed the same thing for highlights.

      And I did have some concerns about “not looking like me on my wedding day” when I dyed my hair, but I got over them quickly because I liked the highlights so much. Also, I think “I want to look like myself” is more of an issue for people who are, for lack of a less sexist descriptor, not particularly girly. I don’t always wear my hair the same way or wear the same makeup or even wear the same kind of clothes. I am used to “looking like me” in a lot of different forms.

      Also, sorry for stealing your joke, it was subconscious theft, like Michael Bolton [IP nerd joke!]

  13. Your wedding hair was stunning. And your chop takes my breath away.

    Basically it seems your hair can do no wrong.

  14. Holy shiat! That is the best post-wedding hack I’ve ever seen. You look like an incredible badass! I love that you did that the next day, too. I’ll look forward to the follow-up post. Also, I second everything Ms. Bunny said.

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