HitchDieds in CPT Podcast Episode 25: HitchDieds in USA


This week we have a special episode, our first recorded together in the USA, with an even more special guest: Viki Diedrich: Collin’s mom, my mother-in-law, exclamation point enthusiast! Listen on for tales of Thanksgiving and joy!

00:00 Intro
00:23 Our first episode recorded together in America!
00:32 [That periodic chirping sound is Viki's pet bird Pete]
01:31 Our visit started with my family in Southeast PA

01:45 Happy 22nd birthday to my brother John!
02:00 Lauren completely showed me up as a Thanksgiving hostess
03:11 Then we had an emotional reunion with Collin’s family in St. Louis
04:28 Matt and Carrie also have a new house, igniting my dormant nesting instincts. Watch out, dining room sets on Pinterest, I’m coming for you!
06:20 In the meantime, we’re in the strange position of finding ANYTHING BUT our home bed the most comfortable thing in the world.
08:08 Aunt Jane and Uncle Mark hosted an AMAZING Thanksgiving Part 2 party on Saturday night for 30 people.
08:44 Including my friends Kaitlin and Norm, which was an AWESOME TREAT! [Lion's Choice the next day was also a treat.]

09:55 Viki reminds us to tell a charming anecdote about Norm’s stay.
12:18 Viki talking about how we all like to just sit and look at each other reminds me of Scuttle describing life before Snarfblats:

14:06 Viki gets sappy ;)
16:08 Outro of gratitude and yaaaaaay!
16:32 EXTRA BIT!


  1. Ahhhh so I love listening to this every week at work and I never comment because my comment is “liiiiike” so I skip it.

    But, liiiiiike. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. YAY! You guys are adorable! This is exactly what Thanksgiving is all about! YAY!

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