HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 23


00:00 Intro
00:30 Robin had trouble getting past jet lag all week
01:05 We had to take public transit this week because our car is in the shop
02:36 I’m super embarrassed that I misused “less” here. FEWER PEOPLE. There are FEWER PEOPLE in first class.
03:25 I’m also embarassed that we sound like such rubes talking about BRAIN SCRAMBLING RAILWAY LINES.

04:57 Some guys tried to steal Collin’s phone but he fought them off like a badass!
08:58 Collin’s cousin Jennifer is in town, which is awesome!
09:44 Attempting to watch a streaming copy of Center Stage, we had to adapt to our slow connection by playing a game where we “guess what happens next.” Our version of the story has more face punches.
11:36 We took the Red Tourist Bus out to wine country and tasted wine at Groot Constantia.

12:37 Seeing a convention hall two days before a convention starts changed my perspective on those events FOREVER.
14:06 We’re both going to the US next week!
14:48 Attempting to end on a positive note.
15:40 Sign-off


  1. This was not a bad pod cast….. I loved it!!!!! I love you both soooooooooooooo much!!! I am just warning you….. Hearing you talk about coming to St. Louis NEXT WEEK……….. Has tears rolling down my cheeks………………. That’s all I have to say now………..

  2. I LOVE CENTER STAGE. Lauren and I both adore that terrible, terrible movie. I like your alternate version, though!

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