HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 17


00:00 Intro
00:23 We didn’t do much during the week because it took us a while to recover from Braai Day.
00:45 We went to our new friend September’s “Fancy Dress” Party, and suffered much angst about the appropriate attire.

05:00 As it turns out, it’s not that big a deal to not wear a costume to a costume party in South Africa.
05:50 We crack up over something that is not very funny.
07:35 We give props to September and Ross’s brilliant-though-probably-unsanitary strategy of giving all their guests a straw necklace so we could drink straight from the punch jugs.
09:01 Discovering box cocktail “Mojito” that tasted exactly like Ecto Cooler, aka, DELICIOUS DANGER
10:12 We conquered Lion’s Head on our second try climbing it.

12:25 Incident at the Eastern Food Bazaar
13:45 You should listen to our friend Addi’s new podcast Add It Up!
14:08 We’re still looking for listener questions to answer for a special edition podcast to help us get through the time I’m in the States later this month
15:03 Sign-off & homework assignment
15:31 Extra bit


  1. 1. Thanks for the podcast shout-out!
    2. “one of many douchebags” had me L-ing OL at work.
    3. The only thing that could make the photo of Robin on Lion’s Head more awesome is just a SMIDGE more cleavage.
    4. Listener question! Have you formed any new habits in SA that you want to continue when you return to the US?

  2. Those two photos are amazing! Does the first one showcase SMOKED? I am betting yes. I can’t listen to the podcast yet but will return with questions post listen.

  3. Yay, another great podcast! As a listener, I am requesting 1. a breakdown of the candy situation in South Africa and 2. the best danceable song the radio/bars play there.

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