HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 16


Thanks for waiting guys, here’s your Special Heritage Day edition of the podcast!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Just in case this isn’t OBVIOUS: we were drunk when we recorded this.
01:04 Collin whines about missing his cats. Admittedly, there are pretty cuun:

01:22 Long tangent about 1980s horror/scifi.
02:44 Wilford Brimley is still with us, don’t worry.
03:30 I have become addicted to Blogilates videos.
04:40 Sorry, family, for this information.
05:26 We went to San Julian, which is apparently the only “real” Mexican restaurant in Cape Town. It was TOP NOTCH, but we’re so homesick and longing for Mexican food we’d drink the sand.
06:53 I think “Chevy Chase is an asshole” is like the opposite of Godwin’s Law.
07:34 A beergarita is achieved by adding a shot of tequila and some margarita mix (or lime juice in a pinch) to a glass of beer. It is DELICIOUS. But it results in this kind of nonsense, so proceed with caution.
08:40 I had a wacky experience at the local art house movie theater, the Labia (tee hee).
10:54 The reason all my phrases sound like questions here is because I’m so drunk I am worried I’m using the wrong words to describe things.
12:27 I went to a women’s writing workshop run by Jen Thorpe. Check out her amazing project, My First Time SA! I get really sappy about it.
15:09 We say we’re going to wrap it up five minutes before the podcast actually ends.
15:24 Collin had a wacky experience trying to join a gym, and he almost coherently explains it, to my surprise.
18:10 Finally, the sign-off.
18:23 EXTRA BIT! God help us, it’s just a catchy tune.


  1. Oh my god. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.

    You guys.



  2. Wow Robin, definitely BOOM for you on the workshop!!!! Sounded fantastic for you!!!!

    Sorry…… But TMI on the polities….. but glad that is your new addiction! Have fun!!!! ( on many different levels with that one!)

    And shit you guys… Don’t get so drunk on the podcasts, you get homesick and it makes me cry!!!!!! I miss you both sooooo much but I know that the two of you are having amazing journeys …. Keep on keepin on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tight hugs and squishy kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We’re always homesick, regardless of sobriety. But we are having adventures and we’re soooo grateful to live in the future where we can keep in touch with you guys through this and through video chats and Internet calls and playing Words with Friends with Franko! It makes it so much easier. But it is still hard. LOVE YOU!

  3. Stu and Wendell are doing great. I’ll send more photos soon! Can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEK!!!

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