HitchDied the Podcast: Episode 2


After recording discipline issues, technical difficulties, and a close brush with running out of pre-paid internet data use, I’m relieved and proud to present you episode 2 of HitchDied: The Podcast.

This one is only 14 minutes long, but if you don’t even have that time to spare, I STRONGLY suggest you check out the last two and a half minutes or so, featuring excerpts from our drunken, disastrous first attempt at recording this week’s installment.

Happy listening!

And here’s the episode breakdown:
00:00 Intro
00:28 We drank too much so this is Episode 2 V. 2.0
00:52 We moved into a swanky new apartment that we love!
02:15 I find out our new apartment has a heater
02:30 [F-bomb]
02:50 Pre-paid electricity
03:50 Coming attraction: an overview of the ZA version of Women’s Health!
04:09 Visiting the V&A Waterfront in the off-season
05:20 Looking forward to Collin’s mom visiting and loving EVERY SINGLE THING IN AFRICA
05:55 Finally finding good beer at Mitchell’s
06:50 Being very confused during the opening ceremony of Euro 2012
08:00 Going to the movies in South Africa: the same, but different!
10:10 Next time on Hitchdied: The Podcast… popped clutches, stalled engines, spilled tears!
11:05 Collin is a HUGE JERK to all of you!
11:23 Sign-off
11:37 EXTRA BIT THAT CAN’T BE MISSED: Drobin and Drollin outtakes from Episode 2 v. 1.0


  1. You guys need to decide on an occasion to host a massive transcontinental Google+ Hangout. GET ON IT.

    • We’ll need to wait until we have a more reasonable internet situation, but hopefully (for my sanity and continued ability to blog) that will happen soon.

  2. Colin being a huge jerk was HILARIOUS.

  3. I love it! I love it! I love it!!! You guys are soooooooo funny!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of you two in the awesome apartment!!!!! And I cannot wait cannot wait cannot wait to visit South Africa and see EVERYTHING African!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And can’t wait to see you two a liitle bit too! Very tight hugs and squishy kisses, mom
    P.s. I’m with you Robbie…… I love everyone who is listening to your pod casts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Um, Colin does a really good job with Under the Sea. That was impressive. And HILARIOUS.

  5. I loved this, especially Dritchdied.

    Also, speaking moviegoing a an international experience, AMC Lowes was just purchased by a massive Chinese luxury movie theater chain.

    So going to the movies can continue to become an even more monocultural.


  6. I think all the podcasts need drunken outtakes, that was my favorite part.

    “Fuckin’ Abe Lincoln was the shit” made me laugh really hard after I was already giggling at Collin’s pro-USA ranting. Almost as awesome as Darwin, indeed.

    • If you couldn’t tell from the clip Lincoln vs. Darwin is an ongoing fight in the HitchDied household. It can get VERY heated which I why I tried to nip it in the bud in that clip. /Team Lincoln

  7. BANG KISSES! mmmmm!

  8. You guys crack me up! Esp. Collin saying he doesn’t love us. FINE, BE THAT WAY. ;P

    “I wanna be done with this. Why are we still doing this?”


  9. Love love love your podcasts!!!! You guys sound great and we love hearing about your adventures. Drive carefully in your new car and were glad you DO love your family. We love and miss you too. Collie.. How is work going?

  10. Awesome podcast! Colin drunk is amazing.

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