Culture Shock of the Day #3


All of the malls here (of the four we’ve visited) have grocery stores in them, so the mall is overrun with people rolling their shopping carts (or “trolleys” in the local parlance) around. It’s particularly jarring in the fancier malls. Something is just bizarre about someone pushing a cart full of toilet paper and frozen chicken breasts past the Louis Vuitton store.


  1. I would love to see someone push their cart INTO the Louis Vitton store, and then start loading their groceries into one of the $1000+ large bags just to watch the store employees freak out. Then, when all of the groceries don’t fit, just place them back in the cart and leave.

    (Sorry, I am still a little bitter after touring a NYC Prada Store in 2000ish that was designed by a famous architect. I walked in and the snooty worker said ‘Can I help you????’ with the tone of ‘You obviously don’t have enough money to shop here, so leave…’ I responded that I was an architecture student, and was interested in the seeing the store design. He responded ‘Oh…. Well in THAT case…” and went on his way of interrogating other poor-looking folks.

  2. All our malls are like that! ,quit a norm 4us you get to do everythng you need to do in one mall

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