There should be a word for when you don’t get a joke the first time you hear it, but upon expanding your life experience you realize it is in fact hilarious and TOO TRUE.  [There probably is a word in German for that, something like ichwardummabetvergnügtnachzeit.]

For me, that applies to this scene from The Office:

If I had known more married couples when that first aired, I bet I would have been in stitches. But I’m one of the first of my friends to get married, so I didn’t realize how much honeymoons are about inside jokes.

The romantic notion is that honeymoons are about banging. For some couples, I’m sure this is true, and I admit I’m a little jealous of you. Don’t get me wrong, honeymoon sex is fantastic, but for me and Collin, and I suspect MOST couples, it’s not enough for a full vacation calendar.

How do you fill the downtime between wild romps in the hotel sheets? With inside jokes.

On your honeymoon, you’re spending essentially all your time for DAYS with the same person. You are on a goofy emotional high after having been married. You are isolated from the real world. This is dangerous breeding ground for inside jokes.

We had two main honeymoon jokes:

  1. Sedona Jack, you sunuvabitch!  Collin invented the “Sedona Jack” game while we were in Sedona.  The game is quite simple: look for the illusion of a face in rock walls.  Whenever you find it, say “Sedona Jack, you sunuvabitch!”  (The idea being that an entity named Sedona Jack is carving these supposedly naturally appearing faces into the rocks).  The person who spots the most faces wins.
  2. Thatza spicy carnitas enchilada!  This game is even worse, if you can believe that.  All it is is saying patently non-Italian foods in the voice of a cartoon Italian chef.  Collin and I are both pretty terrible at doing accents, which makes this even worse.  But it does bring about the secondary game of “what did that attempt at an Italian accent actually sound like?” E.g. snooty dude from the Eastern Bloc underwater; angry Scotsman through a megaphone).

We still return to these games to pass the time on long car trips and the like, even though the Eastern Seaboard offers substantially fewer opportunities to spot the works of Sedona Jack.  As annoying and bizarre as couple’s inside jokes might seem to the outside world, I think having these little personal jokes and games is a great tool for a healthy relationship.  It builds a sense of togetherness, it helps you get through the hard times (like being in park on I-70 W), and laughter makes everything better.

Did you come back from your honeymoon with a bunch of inside jokes? Are you brave enough to share them for public judgment?


  1. Both of those games are awesome! I can’t believe you think one is worse than the other! That is a TERRIBLE way to word the MOST FANTASTIC GAMES EVER! YOu should say, “This game is equally as awesome as the previously mentioned awesome game” instead of “this game is even worse…” Or you might want to use a different adj than awesome. It just feels natural to me!

    Anyway… there were other games too!

    We played:
    1. Keep drinking water while we are hiking so you don’t dry up game! – that was a fun and wet!
    2. Don’t laugh at my unreasonable fear of heights game! – this game was very nice too.
    3. How do I tell Robin that we need to stop playing slots and go to the airport game? – that was a stupid game. You had a system! I ruined that!
    4. Look how cool these stars are… Eh, I’ve seen better game! – you are a jerk.
    5. Cuun, guess how much i miss my kitties game?! – You were not very supportive!
    6. What language was that game?! – Lots of foreigners at the grand canyon!
    7. Why is this mexican food so crappy game?! – this was a stupid game. We played this it a lot!
    8. How many times can we embarrass our selves at that stupidly fancy restaurant that served chili cheese fries with kobe beef in separate portions game! – Those Gibronies!
    9. Prostitute or teenager Game?! – this was my 2nd favorite!
    10. Drinking at altitude game! – I lost :( .
    11. Complaining about not having my sunglasses game! – Yup! Can’t forget about that one! TUSS!
    12. Kisses Game! – BEST GAME EVER!

  2. I suspected that first commenter might be Collin, but initially his writing reads similarly to his mom’s comments! :)

    Also, THANK you for using that word, although I always thought of it as “Jabroni”. I fear using it in the world west of the Ohio border, because people seem to think it is a horrible slur.

  3. I don’t really remember any in jokes from our honeymoon because we tend to run through jokes pretty quickly and only the truly epic stick. BUT my favorite roadtrip game was invented by one of my best friends in college. It’s called the Get Lost and Sing All the Street Names to the Tune of Prince Songs game. She will still text me when she’s in Austin with simply the words “Brody Lane, Brody Lane” and I’ll have Purple Rain stuck in my head for the rest of the day. In jokes are the glue that holds all relationships together, truly.

  4. Oh man, I love this post. Honeymoons are strange, strange times, my friend. Strange.

    We’re a little overserious, the two of us, but we did have our little honeymoon “tics,” if you will. For instance, we were catching up on past seasons of Entourage right before the wedding, and were at a point of ridiculous obsession so we brought the next 2 seasons with us to Central Europe. It was December and cold, and so every day included us talking outselves into going out to sightsee for a while before running back to the hotel and getting under the covers to watch Entourage. On a train heading to a different country? Bust out those earphones and the laptop, prime Entourage time! Awesome bathtub in the hotel? Hm…think we can prop the laptop up on the sink vanity and watch while we soak? Yes We Can!

    Thank god we BOTH felt this was good use of our honeymoon time. It would have been horrible otherwise.

  5. Hahaha, I’m the WORST at accents, so all of mine come out sounding like a (you wouldn’t believe it) Italian cartoon. I would’ve PWNED that game.

    Our inside jokes still come up- and many of them involve sex. So that’s the end of that story.

    • OH! AND! Spot-the-stereotypical-American-in-Mexico.

      For example, the man ordering “hoo-way-vos ranch-are-os” or the one who keeps saying “Aloha!” to people or the Paula Deen look-alike who keeps flirting with the Mexican server in her thick southern accent and saying “ta-tas.”

      Spot the stereotypical American!

      • we kept spotting the same girl wearing a F*CK YEAH AMERICA!!! bikini – red and white striped bottom with blue/white stars up top. super awkward bathing suit to be wearing in Mexico.

  6. I love this post, because I recognize so much in it. Since our honeymoon was over a year ago now, though, I seem to have forgotten any and all jokes we created. Hmph. I guess I’ll just leave now, making this the dumbest comment ever.

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