1. I pronounce it Hitch-DEED, but only since you posted your invites and I realized it was a mashup of your last names. Prior to that, I pronounced it Hitch-DYED.

  2. I know it’s supposed to be “Hitch-DEED,” but it will never read as anything other than “Hitch-DYED” to me. Sorry…

  3. Huh. I’ve wondered what pun on “Getting Hitched” and…”Dying” I was missing all this time. Glad to see from the above comments that it’s not some morbid reference ;)

    • The other combination of our names is CockRich.

    • I was always the same ;) I think the first time i read here was a post about Robin’s parents dying so i thought there was some sort of link there – it wasn’t until much later that i made the conection of the name mashup!

      That said, my brain pronounces the title hitch-de-ed, so a bit shakepearian with the ed on the end

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