How’s Married Life?


I cannot deny that I’ve spent far too much time ruminating over the future of HitchDied now that I’m not planning a wedding.  The way I usually shut down the conversation in my head was to say, “You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. You have all those posts you’ve been dying to share for months but had to keep quiet on to avoid spoiling the actual wedding guests (like the story of how my one-of-a-kind wedding dress came to be) and plenty new to say about the wedding itself.  Let this be a problem for Future Robin.”

What that rationalization failed to account for is the awkwardness of shifting from blogging about what is happening presently to blogging about past events.  All of the blog posts I’ve half-written in my head recently are about things like “The Grand Canyon sure is big!” or “Where do we put all this STUFF we somehow deserve for being married… oooh electric tea kettle! TEA BREAK!” or “Holy kibbles, StuKitty got FAT when we were on vacay; do they make a feline P90X program?” or “I cut off all my hair, yikes!”  Basically: stuff that is going on right now.  It doesn’t help that the wedding feels like it happened so long ago I’m half-convinced there were pterodactyls there.

But I know you want to read more about the wedding, and I promise I will tell you all about it.  I wish there were a day of the week that started with R so I could easily assign it as “Recap Rouxday” and plow through the story all scheduled-like.  But until they reorganize the calendar on my behalf, I’ll just be intermittently writing about the wedding vs. writing about newlywed life.  Hopefully this will ease the terrifying transition from Weddding Blog to Whatever Blog.

Meanwhile: how is married life?  Well, at age 27, I have my first-ever hickey.  I think that means I’m doing all right.



  1. Oh, just mix it up and we’ll be here for you :) I can’t wait to go read the story of your dress , I have an ongoing obsession with wedding dresses, but the nice ones, which are rare,
    Wow you have a hickie :p that’s funny, maybe this is strange, but I’ve always secretly wanted one.
    Will be coming here for whatever it is you will have to say :)

    • I had always secretly wanted one too! Especially because my neck eczema sometimes got mistaken for hickeys back during my drrrrrrry spell days and I was like, “I WISH!”

  2. Oh HELLZ yes on the hickey.

    I’ve been asked how married life is about em…four hundred times in the past three weeks. And I actually don’t think that’s an exaggeration. I’m always tempted to say really inappropriate things. I think “first hickey ever” is very appropriate, though.

  3. My husband gave me a hickey last week. I could not believe it. Also, I didn’t notice it until AFTER dinner with a whole group of people.

    • I first saw mine in the mirror in the middle of the night and was completely baffled as to what it might be. Didn’t figure it out until the morning.

  4. You could take a lesson from pop commercial radio and make it a Flashback Friday feature! Either way, I am very excited to read about it, regardless of the fact that I WAS THERE!

  5. The how’s married life is very awkward. I never know what to say. I love the hickey response.

    I’m at the same point with my blog. Luckily you’ve already gotten pictures!

  6. I hear ya! I’m still waiting on pictures, but i’m married over 2 months now and still haven’t started recaps!!

    Haha hickey? I’d say you’re doing A-OK!

  7. I am just getting back into this whole blogging thing after a 2-month hiatus, which unfortunately included your wedding (yay!). The hickey is hilarious, and I love the pictures you’ve shared. (P.S. I love your pretty bouquets.)

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