1. Robin, I have to say your dress was beautiful and oh so original. Loved the lace, the flowers, tha fact that it is 1 shoulder. You looked beautful. And yeah, getting in the dress is quite the adventure huh? Already when you are trying them on, but more so on THE day, with hair and make up done ! I had to put some kind of transparent cloth over my face while my mom and sis helped me in, and it was a rather simple dress. I heard stories about dresses that take half an hour to button.
    Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon !

  2. Goosebumps! And laughter! At the same time!

    That’s weddings for you :)

  3. I’ve been wondering how getting into my big wedding dress will work, and now you’ve shown me – get an army of helpers!! Your pics make the experience look like a lot of fun :)

    Your dress is beautiful and you look so lovely and happy – congratulations!

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