“First Meeting”


“First meeting” was Viki’s adorable expression for what is known in the wedding parlance as the “first look.”  Photos by Louis Stein, who did not leave the lens cap on.


  1. oh wow! you’re both so gorgeous and happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congratulations :)

    have a fab honeymoon (this is late, obviously, so i’m sending that by thoughtwaves. oooooh)


  2. You know, someonee really needs to tell Colin just how much I love Robin. He best come correct or I’ll see to it this marrage dosen’t last long.

    I can’t thank R&C enough for letting me be a part of their special day. It was a joy shooting them and any good photos can’t be attributed to me, but to them being cuttie-kitties.

    More photos / my take on the day on my blog:

    Now – get to honeymooning you to crazy kids.


  3. YOULOOKSOPRETTYOMG!!!!! Sorry, and that smile on your face makes me feel totally psyched and giddy for you! Yay!

  4. Oh Robin, you look so beautiful and so absolutely happy, same as Collin. All the best, stay this happy :) And enjoy your honeymoon !
    And wow, lovely, lovely pretty dress !

  5. Oh wow, these photos are gorgeous- primarily because your joy is shining through!

  6. 1. Congratulations!! I missed on your recent posts because I was still digging myself out from under my unread Reader count post wedding/honeymoon, but now I am done.
    2. You look beautiful.
    3. I love your veil and hairstyle.
    4. The flowers and lace on the dress are also gorgeous.

  7. Agh, the cuteness! The joy! So excited to see more photos :)

  8. Look at how gorgeous and happy you guys are!

    And that dress so quite the something. Wow!

  9. OH MY GOD! you are absolutely beautiful! i love these!


    Ahem. And crazy-happy pictures! :D

  11. Eeek! Eeek! EEEEEEK! So mush pretty and so much love just bursting out of those photos. You are both gorgeous. And the dress is amazing. And that smile… perfection. Exactly what I hoped you’d feel on your wedding day.

  12. The kissing pic is THE BEST! Your hair! Your veil! Your pretty face! Collin’s cuteness!

  13. I would like your hair on my head and your veil IN MY MOUTH.

    Okay, that was weird, so I’m going to close my eyes and pretend I’m not actually posting this.


    • mjojojoo July 28, 2011 I’ve read Kate’s blog periodically and I find her humorous. So the following is not meant to be nasty or cruel at all. Just objective…Kate, you better get a good hobby that you really enjoy (if you don’t already have one). And maybe a long-life breed of cat or a dog, too. ‘Cuz chances are, you’re going to remain single.Believe me, I know. As a “midlifer” I’ve got quite a few friends (guys admittedly) that are very much like you…“This one’s too old (& creepy)”“This one’s too young (& virgin)”“This one’s too short (& lumpy)”“This one’s too tall (& skinny)”“This one’s too naked (& spontaneous)”“This one’s too PERFECT (& perfect)”And they’re all STILL single. And will likely stay that way. Which is OK, if that’s what you really want. Not my business. But I’m just sayin’.If I weren’t “off the market,” I’d be happy to date you, if only to see what horror story you’d write about me. (I figure somewhere in the world there’s always a woman telling horror stories about me. Most often my wife…)Good luck!

  14. Yes, yes, very yes!

    Oh the happiness.


  15. LOVE these pictures!

  16. Ahhh gorgeous happiness! just catching up, love all the photos! Hoorayyyy!

  17. you look amaaaazing and so genuinely happy. Congratulations!!!

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