Somebody’s Getting Married Today… AND IT’S ME!


The weather is beautiful. My hair looks awesome.  Things have already gone wrong and I did not freak out.

And I get to be MARRIED later today!  Hooray for everything!


  1. Congratulations! Sending you and Collin sunny thoughts! I’m looking forward to hearing about the day (and seeing some photos!)

    (And, while we are not getting married on the same day, we can be July-bride-buddies! I’m July 25.)

  2. Congratulations !!!! Wishing you all the joy and love and a wonderful day. Wedding magic vibes your way !

  3. Ahh, no better way to herald a wedding day than with the Muppets. At this point in the day I’m sure you’re already married. Congratulations!!!

  4. I teared up with joy for you just thinking about it! Congrats!!!! And you survived any surprise “I take you…” attacks!

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