1. I know who Tom Waits is! YAY! Wife = better.

  2. I vote for “love the one you’re with.”

  3. Haha! The dude and I super want No Children as our first dance, but also, that might be terrible. Or terribly funny. Or terrible.

  4. As Jessica and I have been compiling our song list, sometimes we find that the best, most rockin’, most dancy songs don’t really have the right message. Like Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep,” about a failed relationship. But… we’re still gonna play it. Because that song rocks something fierce.

  5. awesome! my husband put elbows ‘grounds for divorce’ on our wedding playlist

  6. HELL yes “No Children.” There’s just something amazing about that song and how hilariously bitter it is–the depth of bitterness you can only get from a long-term intimate relationship.

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