May 2011 Brides Magazine, By The Numbers


I was scheduled to deliver a movie review to y’all today, but to my amazement I didn’t receive promotional tickets to EITHER of the wedding movies that opened in theaters last weekend. Maybe Something Borrowed and Jumping the Broom would have held up a little better against Thor if they’d attempted to court my tens of readers! But they missed that boat, so in lieu of a movie review, I’ve got another magazine review for you. Enjoy!

# pages: 298
# pages of advertising: 196 5/6

# pages featuring some content regarding the Royal Wedding: 43
# of pictures of Kate Middleton: 3, plus one cartoon
# of pictures of a model pretending to be Kate Middleton:13
# distinct pieces of sapphire jewelry on these pages:  15

Average price of makeup in the Brides Magazine Beauty Awards feature: $24.79
Average price of makeup picked by Brides readers: $12.29
Average price of fragrances selected by Brides Magazine: $75.56
Average price of fragrances picked by readers
: $59.30
Average price of hair products selected by Brides Magazine: $23.81
Average price of hair products selected by readers: $8.45
Average price of skin products selected by Brides Magazine: $23.90
Average price of skin products selected by readers: $19.09

# of “50 wedding websites you can’t live without” that I do not write for: 50 [See above re: delusions of blograndeur]
# of “50 wedding websites you can’t live without” that are about anything other than peddling wedding stuff: 0.


  1. Now I know to stay far, far away from this month’s issue. Thanks for the recap.

  2. Yikes. That’s a lot of advertisements.

    Also, I’m willing to be the cost of sapphires has increased since the royal engagement/wedding… Oh well. At least we’ll have sleeve options again…

  3. god, am I a cheap bastard or are those beauty products expensive? sheesh.

  4. I used the 2 magazines my mom bought me to cut up for dress inspiration. Haven’t looked at a single one otherwise. Thank you for continually reinforcing that I made the right choice : )

  5. The thing about you and this whole wedding planning thing is that not only are you hand-cutting bajillions of sheets of paper, you’re busting out a calculator and averaging figures in Brides magazine. (Not to mention the hours of crappy wedding movies and the reviews that make me want to watch all of them.) Above and beyond lady, ABOVE AND BEYOND!

  6. I lost a small, antique blue sapphire from my ring last month and it took WEEKS for the jeweler to find a match. I blame Kate Middleton entirely.

  7. I’ve got nothing to add besides a new term I made up while reading your post, which is “weddling.” It means wedding peddling. It’s definitely derogatory.

  8. Um, I love your blog. Just sayin’

    And i don’t think you have delusions of grandeur, magazines should include sites like yours… But thats also why I like the blog world over the magazine world. Good luck and have fun with your last few weeks of planning!

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