1. Looks like my comment disappeared, so I will write the abbreviated version of the novel I tried to post before.

    I basically don’t read brides magazines. Never bought one in the whole time I’ve been engaged, not even for sh**ts and giggles because well, it would just release my rage within.

    Living in super-diverse California, I haven’t felt like a person “of color” in years … basically since I quit acting (your skin tone matters when it comes to acting- I lost out on lots of parts and “won” out on other parts that invariably involved me showing up to an audition and being asked to wear a basket on my head.)

    But brides magazines dredge up all those issues all over again and make me feel “other.” Gay couples, inter-racial couples, non-super model couples, none of those things exist in the bride magazine realm.

  2. Look at you being all fancy and writing for other blogs!

    I have not read your guest post yet — because I have to go to bed before I drop — but this does make me think of other representation issues. Even though I don’t have a TV anymore (so this is less of a presence in my life) I would KILL to see an ad for a cleaning product featuring a dude. Not a dude acting like a doofus but a “Hey, dudes have to clean their houses too.”

    Anyway, I’m sure it’s great! I’ll read it and come back with an insightful thought!

  3. I always love your posts–great write-up about why wedding magazines fail by ignoring same-sex couples entirely. We need more voices like yours in this world!

  4. I love guest posts, especially ones that take homophobic bullshit to task. This is one of the reasons I became so enamored with (certain) wedding blogs after getting engaged – there need to be voices out there that include all types of weddings/families, because the mainstream media just ain’t cutting it. And speaking of homophobic bullshit, this little tidbit of news is fun.

  5. your magazines posts rock. please don’t ever stop writing them. now off to check out your guest post!

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