Runner’s Stretch


I’m breaking my number one rule for the Running of the Brides, because everyone on my dream team save my Aunt Chris can’t get out of work or weddings and join me in Cleveland tomorrow morning.  I’m a little bummed about having only one helper, just because it is lonely and not as fun.  Although I’m sure Chris will be a one-woman dream team: she’s a savvy negotiator, she’s got Obama arms for carrying heavy dresses, and she’s got great style.  Plus I am looking forward to a girly evening of gossip and iron-on shirt-making in a hotel in Cleveland with her.

But I think when I see the giant teams, I am going to have wistful moments.  In particular because there will be MOMS everywhere.  Even though I am fairly certain that if my mother were alive she would not go within 500 yards of a Filene’s Basement Bridal Event.  Grief is rarely if ever rational like that.

I am also nervous that every dress will pale in comparison to THE DRESS which I saw two weeks ago, despite price tag differentials.  Collin told me to stop kidding myself and just go buy  The Dress.  I called him out on how his suggestion was partially motivated by him not wanting me to go to Cleveland, even for one night.  I reminded him of ways we could use the money I might save on a dress.  [I think in normal relationships I'd say something like, "We can have another hour of open bar at the wedding!" or "We could take a weekend trip!" but instead I'm saying things like, "We can pay off more of the mortgage!" because that is what speaks to Collin.]

Full report, hopefully with hilarious pictures, when I return!


  1. you GO Girl!!!!!! and if NOTHING can compare to THE dress then you know that much more how really spectacular it is!!!! and if you find one better…than WOWI KAZOWIE for that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can will you send me and Carrie pictures????? we will be thinking of you SO HARD all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!! and have a FANTASTIC time with aunt Chris!!!!!!

  2. Don’t stress! Just try to be open-minded and have a good time. If you are overwhelmed by the crowd when the doors open, just go have breakfast and come back–most of the gowns will be back on the racks by mid-morning. For more encouragement, check out http://www.filenesbasement/campaign/late.php

  3. I wish I was going with you! I could definitely be that wall of reinforcement, throwing bows when needed.

    We’ll be cheering you and Chris on!!!! I’m sure the Michelle O. arms will come in handy! <3!

  4. “I think in normal relationships I’d say something like, “We can have another hour of open bar at the wedding!” or “We could take a weekend trip!” but instead I’m saying things like, “We can pay off more of the mortgage!” because that is what speaks to Collin.”

    Now see, I think that’s one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard.

    I will be sending good vibes your way!!

  5. oooh I’m curious to hear more! I’m like the opposite of claustrophobic, large spaces with millions of people freak me out. My cousin has to talk me through visits to Costco or IKEA so I don’t have a nervous breakdown. So Filene’s and I would probably not be friends. Have fun!

  6. I’ll think about you in the morning and send magical dress finding thoughts at you. Good luck!

  7. I hear you about the mom thing. From the experience of my own irrational grief, I’d say be sad, but also accept that mothering (for better or worse) can come from other sources too and that it can be a good thing. I’m sorry :( . OK, my irrational grief and I are going back to work now.

  8. i agree with angie, obama arms are key

    best of luck!

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