Counting Up to Seven Three Oh


Big weekend in HitchDiedLand!  Collin’s birthday is tomorrow.  We’re going to a wedding on Saturday. I’m leaving twelve hours after the wedding for a brief spot of fun with some friends in Florida.  I’ll hopefully get home just in time to kiss Collin on our anniversary.

I’m extra excited about the wedding, because a) I love weddings and b) I’ll be meeting some of Collin’s good friends from college for the first time (including the groom).  It’s silly, but I’m still nervous about making a good impression, even though his buddies are probably a touch too late to the game to  comment on whether or not I’m a keeper.

Why haven’t these people met me yet? Well, it’s confession time: Monday is Collin and my SECOND anniversary.  Yeah, that’s right, we decided to get married after just one little year of dating.   I know what you’re thinking Isn’t that the sort of thing that only foolish celebrities do? Well, Us: we’re just like stars!  I just hope we don’t have our marriage end the way celebrities’ marriages tend to.  I mean, if Collin starts dating someone twenty years younger than him immediately after our ten-month marriage ends, that rebound chick will be in second grade.  So we really need to depart from that model.

Someday I’ll write a more serious post about why we’re not waiting to get married, but today I have to find my camera battery charger and figure out what carry on bag I’m going to use and decide if I can really live with myself if I pack five dresses for a four-day trip.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Have a most wonderfilled time this weekend!!!!and happiest birth day ever to my dear dear sweet terrificly fantastic child Collin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and just to let you know , my Robin that I adore….every time I read your blog I always leave it with such a smile on my face and joy in my heart that it makes me so happy to think we have a lifetime together . (period!)

  2. We decided to get married only a year and a half into it, too. Our engagement has been long though — another year and a half (almost). Our wedding day is a week before our 3rd anniversary.

  3. About that one year thing, when you know, you know. If you’ve talked about the important stuff and you’re on the same page about values, sense of humor, and commitment to make it work, then you’ll make it work. You don’t need 5 years to figure it out. A lot of my 30-something friends are getting engaged after only a year or so. After kissing all sorts of frogs or getting through big monumental life things, you finally know what’s right without too much angst.

    Enjoy the wedding! Have fun in Florida! “See” you next week!

  4. We got married on our 11th anniversary… because we started dating when we were idiot teenagers. It’s almost like we had to date extra long to undo the potential damage of dating in that immature state. We had to grow up – to make sure we still liked each other as adults. When you start out as two mature adults it doesn’t take years. Maybe for some it still does, but for many, I think waiting to marry just becomes about logistics. And I seem to recall reading once in the ever-so-reliable source that is Cosmo that the average time to proposal is 1.5 years.

  5. We didn’t formally get engaged until around our two-year dating anniversary, but I’m pretty sure we were talking marriage by the time the one-year rolled around. The extra wait was definitely more about circumstances than about uncertainty for us!

  6. Honestly 1 year or 10 years it doesn’t matter. I had a friend get married after 2 months. You know there was eye rolling and behind the back whisperings over it, but 7 years later, they’re still happy as clams. If your gut says it’s time to get married, then it’s time. Happy anniversary!

  7. You think you have bad timing! I will see you your one year and raise you, erm, well, my 1 year, which was really more of 1 month plus waiting around for a year before we spilled the beans because of the timing around my divorce.

    When you know, you know. Happy anniversary!

  8. As Sarah says, when you know, you know.

    Yes things can be too quick but waiting 10 years (like me) is no better!

  9. happy anniversary and hope you had a great weekend! also about the anniversary, sometimes you just know. a woman i worked with knew her husband for 3 weeks before they got married and 25 years later they are still very very happy

  10. Have a fun weekend and Happy Anniversary.

  11. more more more clamp! I need more clamp! Cute my Soup!

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