Movie Review: Mamma Mia!


Here I go again.  My, my.  (Ok I’ll stop now.)

It’s interesting that I watched this movie the day after reading this Jezebel post, commenting on the Swedish upset over their crown princess having her father walk her down the aisle at her wedding.  Swedish couples generally walk down the aisle together, and Princess Victoria’s decision to walk the aisle with her father is seen as regressive.

In Mamma Mia!, Amanda Seyfried plays a mermaid-out-of-water who names herself after a famous street that then becomes one of the most popular names for baby girls over the next two decades.  Wait.  That’s Splash. They should really remake that with Amanda Seyfried and Colin Hanks.  Amanda Seyfried looks like a mermaid, is what I’m saying.

What really happens in this movie is that Mermaid Seyfried sends wedding invitations to three strange men who banged her mom around the time she was conceived.  She thinks she will instantly recognize which of them is her father, this man will walk her down the aisle at her wedding, making everything right in her world.

These three dudes all come to the remote Greek island for this wedding without knowing about the Great Greek Dad-Off.  They all want another chance with Mermaid’s momma, Meryl Streep.  [Fun Fact: I was born in the same New Jersey town as Meryl Streep!]

Meanwhile, people sing ABBA songs.  This aspect of the movie apparently very appealing to people. So appealing that Mamma Mia! is the top grossing movie musical of all time.  But I don’t really know much about ABBA, other than the title song, that song Madonna sampled in “Hung Up,” and that people compared Ace of Base to ABBA when they were popular.  WAIT.  HOLY PAJAMAS.  I just realized ABBA is Swedish!  That Jezebel link is even MORE relevant! Whoa, I just got goosebumps.

So anyway, Mermaid ends up with three co-dads, but she has her mom walk her down the aisle.  But that decision ends up being kind of meaningless because Mermaid decides at the altar to postpone her wedding.  The groom is fine with the plan, because of he just wanted to elope (I mean, obviously that is what he wanted, he’s a dude! Dudes hate weddings! Duh!) Meryl Streep marries one of the dads.  People sing ABBA songs.

I… just want to go watch American Idol now.


  1. American Idol? Isn’t there anything better or more exciting to do this evening?

  2. This is what I wake away from this post: 1.) Swedish influence is all around us. Submit to them. 2.) Men hate weddings. 3.) Meryl Streep pwns. and 4.) As always you are hilarious.

  3. Mermaid Seyfried?! You slay me. I love reading your posts

  4. I’m totally for a Mermain Seyfried and Baby Hanks redo of Splash based in Sweden. I think it should involve singing of Ace of Base songs and Meryl Streep can play god. And they shall live happily ever after. The end!

  5. (ok, but really, I did like Mamma Mia. Its a big singing party and lots of awkward fun! Only they should put a cork in Brosnan/Bond’s mouth. He was no good. No good at all.)

  6. I was such a big fan of that other ABBA-based wedding move (Muriel’s Wedding) that I thought for sure I would like Mamma Mia! I mean, it has ABBA and Meryl Streep and James Bond.

    But good golly, these people could not sing. I’m up for Splash redux, though.

  7. You know, I saw the sign. The sign is that we clearly cannot ignore the Swedish threat any longer. Peaceful and neutral? HA! All that they want is another daddy to walk them down the aisle. I don’t dare turn around lest I be confronted with a mermaid musical.

    OK, I’m done. Sorry about that.

  8. I’ll chime in with a warning of the evil Swedish overlords!

    (full disclosure – I’m originally from Finland and we have been ruled in turn by swedes and russians for most of our history, so I may have some swede-anger bred into my genes)
    …but (fuller disclosure) I totally love ABBA and Ikea and the Sedin twins.

  9. You didn’t mention the one that turns out to be gay! That was interesting.

    But seriously, how gorgeous are the candles in lanterns and the outdoor reception? Love.Love.Love.

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