The Bar Exam Is a Threat to Marriage and Families


I started bar review classes this morning, and in the introductory lecture included two terrifying bits regarding couples and the bar exam:

1. The instructor suggested that if we should be getting married in June and are honeymooning in the U.S., there may be local bar prep lectures we can sit in on while we’re away!

2. The instructor did however warn against a couple from last summer’s class decision not to have sex for the two months before the bar so they could regain that time for studying. Ceasing to have sex with your partner will make you fail the test, he said.  He did not reflect upon the celibacy’s implications for the health of your relationship.


  1. So, if not having sex will cause you to fail, does that mean that they are recommending sex as part of your study regimen? I could totally get behind that.

    P.S. Are you getting married during bar prep time? Crazy! I can’t imagine taking time out of bar prep for anything besides the basic needs: food, sleep, hygiene, sex, and walks to Office Depot for new highlighters and 3X5 cards.

    • No no no, thank heavens. We’re getting married next May. Originally the plan was to get married in Fall 2011 so I could completely ignore wedding planning during the next two months. Even though we pushed up the wedding, I will probably mostly ignore wedding planning during the next two months, aside from finalizing the venue contract and breaks for the fun stuff, like dress shopping and blogging.

      And I have more highlighters than God. But I will probably need more by the end of July.

      • Phew! You had me worried there.

        Best Bar/Bri tip I still remember (8 years ago, but still): Be a sheep. Do exactly what Bar/bri tells you and NO MORE and you’ll pass with flying colors.

        P.S. You can never have too many highlighters.

        P.P.S. Invest in a comfy set of ear plugs for test days.

        P.P.P.S. Good luck!

  2. Who in their right mind would get married during bar prep? With the possible exception of a couple where one person is in the military, I see this being a bad idea!!!!!

    Although I know 2 ppl who are having babies right around the bar…poor timing, I think, but I’m judgy like that.

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