Disturbing Trend


I realize it takes three events to establish a pattern, but it only takes two to make me nervous.

Back during the pre-engagement, Collin ordered a set of plastic sizing rings to figure out my ring size.  They ended up stuck at the post office with insufficient postage, and we had to trudge over in the snow and hand over some pocket change to get them.

Now our venue contract got sent short 17 cents postage, and is being held hostage at the post office.  Should I be holding this against the venue as an unacceptable breach of professionalism?  (I don’t want to!)

One thing is for damn sure: I will be triple double super checking the postage on all our invite-related mail.


  1. I was a total freak about postage because of an issue a couple years ago and one time when my friend sent me a gift from florida and it took 9 months to get to me. I always add more than I think I need then check the weight at the post office too. Sorry to hear about the troubles but I’m sure the invites will go well! No rules of three!

    also, I don’t know if you already resolved the ring situation but you can print out sizing charts online

  2. oh wow, I could see myself getting totally neurotic about reminding people of the current price of stamps if I’m expecting something in the mail.

  3. I forgot to put postage on the RSVP card on the very first invite I stuffed. I was hyper vigilant after that!

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