Ring Thing Solution!


My future mother-in-law Viki found the solution to my ring thing problem: individualized butter dish from Crate & Barrel:

It meets all my criteria: it looks nice (mine is cuter because Viki painted on tiny hearts and swirls), it is relatively cat-proof, I can see inside of it, and it doesn’t appear to be a sex toy.  Thanks, Viki!

In other news, it is my birthday! In The Knot’s imagination, that means I am exactly one year away from our wedding.  Tell it to the imaginary venue we haven’t booked, The Knot!

Speaking of which, tomorrow, despite the varsity-level celebrating I have planned for tonight, we begin a marathon string of venue tours at 9AM.  Any last-minute advice for questions to ask and things to look for at venues?

Failing that, any recommendations for cocktails I should try tonight?


  1. What a great solution! and cheap! and cute! its a win, win, win!

    and Happy Birthday!

  2. Just read the previous post… dang, cats. I need to get one of these things!

    I’m sorry… I’m really feeling weddingy today, so I can’t offer any vendor questions. But I can give you some cocktail suggestions!

    Gin and tonic is always my go-to.
    Dirty martini is always a sexy choice.
    Tom Collins is always refreshing.

    I’ll add one more so my drink choices don’t sound comparable to James Bond.

    Bourbon and diet cherry vanilla coke = yum.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!

    • So you’re a gin woman, I see.
      [Note that in my mind I said that while wearing a fedora, with my face artfully lit by a streetlamp coming through venetian blinds.]

  3. shit. I mean “un-weddingy”. Is it time to go home yet?

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday!

    OK. Venue tips. It’s all starting to come back to me. Some of these may not apply to your particular venue, overall plan, or needs, but I’ll just write down everything that WE tried to look for.

    1) Can you serve liquor, or just beer and wine? Are you allowed to bring in your own booze?
    2) Do they have a list of “preferred” caterers you must choose from, or are you allowed to pick any caterer you want?
    3) Are you guys considering doing the ceremony and reception all in one venue? Look for potential spots to hold the ceremony, and try to envision how the flow of people would work.
    4) Do they only book one wedding/event per day? What time are you/the caterer allowed on the premise for set-up? When must everything be broken down and cleaned up? What time must you and your guests get the hell out of dodge?
    5) Parking. Do they have enough? Is it valet-only?
    6) Do they have any audio/visual equipment on hand already? What about chairs or tables?
    7) If the venue is remotely historical (or just anal-retentive), they may have stipulations on what you can and cannot touch, and how exactly you may decorate; for example: no nails, no tape. Get the full scoop on limitations. Ask what they charge if any infractions/accidents occur. Would you lose your whole deposit if someone put glitter on the tables or nicked the wall?
    8) Is there a kitchen on the premises? At least some refrigerators? If not, the caterer may have to set up a mobile food prep area.
    9) If you meet with the venue’s coordinator, watch him/her. This is likely the person you’d have to deal with for the upcoming year. Do they seem enthusiastic about weddings, at all? Do they mumble a vague response when asked how many weddings they/the venue has done? Can they rattle off a list of particulars that other couples have done (for example: “We just did one wedding where the couple chose to have the tables arranged in a semi-circle, so that’s an option for you”). Have they worked with any caterers/vendors in particular? If they know their way around this stuff, it just makes the wedding go that much more smoothly.

    Ummmm. Hmmm. That’s all I can think of for now, except for logistical crap like how far the venue is from public transportation, hotels, etc. I’ll come back if I remember anything else.

    And finally: I like to browse the drinks database at Esquire whenever I need booze inspiration. Cheers!

  5. Dude, my #8 got turned into an emoticon with sunglasses. Not cool, dude. Not cool.

    • Wait… isn’t a dude with sunglasses the epitome of cool?

      Also thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. And for that very aesthetically pleasing guide to drinking like a guy who wishes he were Don Draper.

  6. I emailed you our list of venue questions.

    And I’ve been on a whiskey kick myself. Just good whiskey, on the rocks. I swear I am not generally hardcore though, since I tend to go for wine/sangria/microbrew beer. But there’s something about quality booze savored cold…

    Happy birthday!

  7. Bugger. My link didn’t work. One of these days I’m going to have to become computer literate. Ill try it the old fashioned way.


  8. happy birthday! i think all the questions i can think of the above posters already mentioned. one thing I think is key is to find a person you really feel comfortable working with. the guy who is the caretaker at our venue rules. also, love the tiny butter dish. i love the make believe scene in my head of people at a dinner party and one of the guests bringing that since thye don’t want anyone touching their butter

  9. Good luck with the venue tours! Viki is brilliant. I use a vintage giraffe ring holder but I’d get the butter dish for Dan, but then I remember that it’s actually just me who compulsively needs every thing to have its place.

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