HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 42


00:00 Intro
00:22 We’re back from our unplanned hiatus! (Sorry about that)
00:40 Check out my new funny writing work for BitterLawyer.com
01:10 My first improv show with The Long Shots was great! My next show is next Tuesday so if you live here you should see it!
01:45 We went to Test Kitchen as a late celebration of my birthday. It lived up to the hype.

Some of the food we ate at Test Kitchen

03:45 Collin updates us on his work situation.

This means something to Collin.

06:35 This month Robin substitute taught the Drop-in improv class she’s been going to and it was overwhelming but fun!
08:54 We went to the album launch for my friend Rob’s band Fox Comet
09:30 Here’s a clip of me and Sipumziwe playing a tabletop role-playing game as an improv character exercise [note how much healthier my voice sounds. Also note how Sipumziwe is THE FUNNIEST]
11:10 Aside from all the fun we’ve been having, this hiatus was also the result of colds, both man- and otherwise.
11:50 We’re still homesick even though we’re happier!
12:30 Outro
12:50 EXTRA BIT!


  1. Oh YAy !!!!!! oh Yay!!!!!! I check AT Least once a DAY for your podcasts……not to pressure you or anything but HALELOU Ya!!!!!!!!! For this podcast!!!! You both sound great!!! We missed your voices!!! Love you both so very very very very much!!!!!!!!!! Tight hugs and squishy kisses to ya both!

  2. This is the first podcast I have been able to listen to as an up to date reader, yay!

    Collin’s work is very cool, and he did a great job of explaining it to us lay people.

    I am glad you guys have mates there now, especially as you’re not working so much. Good luck with the visa application!

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