HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 40


00:00 Intro
00:35 Robin was hella tired when this was recorded. It sounds like her morning man voice but it was nighttime.
01:00 We climbed up Skeleton Gorge and hiked across Table Mountain



View from the top of Skeleton Gorge


View of Camps Bay from Table Mountain, with mist rolling in from the ocean

02:30 We saw gigantic King Proteas up there:

03:50 We went through Echo Valley on the top of Table mountain
04:05 I faked this (and not very well)
04:17 We HAVE been through this
05:05 We make fun of Safe House for inaccurately representing Cape Town life, as though we weren’t used to silly movie geography after living Pittsburgh (the Hollywood of Western Pennsylvania!) for years
06:28 I said the Liberty Tunnel but I meant the Armstrong Tunnel
07:15 The best part of watching Safe House was following the tag on Twitter
09:44 Nearly the first ten minutes of this podcast is about the day we recorded it
10:45 We make fun of a terrible Mexican restaurant
13:30 Birthday shoutouts! But we forgot a Twigg! What a horrible oversight! Anyway, happy birthday, Andrew!
14:07 Outro


  1. I LOVE your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds to me like it was a wonderful hike!!!! you should post more pictures of you guys and more plants and stuff…..I love to see All of it!!!!! We just saw Safe House too for the first time. Now I want to see it again…I wont but Id like too! Have a great week this week!!!! Tight hugs and squishy kisses!!!!

  2. You kids are fabulous. Sounds like you are having a ball. we love your podcasts and it makes us enjoy the fun times with you by hearing your happy escapades. Luv grandpa and Dottie

  3. very nice inf0 keep up the work! thanks

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