HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 38: EXTRA MUPPETS


As promised, a selection of extra bits from the recording session with my friends Abby, Kaitlin, and Liz. This was WAY harder to edit together than I thought it would be! I hope it is funny to anyone other than the people who were there to record it.

00:00 Intro (correct episode number this time!)
00:22 Most of the raw footage was just us laughing
00:27 Slander
00:39 Some more clarifying information
01:13 If Norm were here…
01:22 “Hey Jason Isaacs!”
01:52 Kaitlin just said “iTem.” FIRE HER.
02:07 Terrible attempts at South African accents
02:47 Kaitlin was really sick.
03:10 Let’s take a peek into my editing process
04:24 Shout out to my in-laws!
04:36 Americans are bad at world geography!
05:12 Tiny bit of comedy discourse
05:44 Schmoopiness, sorry.
05:56 I’m sorry, Namibia.
06:25 and I feel bad for Madagascar
07:01 My Cousin Vinny is always apropos.
07:33 Abby wants Ohio Nosy Bitches to come to the Arcade Comedy Theater
07:50 “Did we do good?”
08:00 Sign off


  1. I am embarrassed at how much I like listening to this.

  2. Don’t be embarrassed. It is glorious. It begins and ends with your GIGGLE, for eff’s sake! WHAT is HAPPENING with the MUSIC?!? I’m bewildered and delighted.

  3. I hope COLLIN AND ROBIN enjoy having us in South Africa 1/2 as much as they enjoyed having you three!!!!!! We wish you were there while we visit to entertain us!!!!!! You ALL are soooo fun and adorable!!!!!! LOVE YOU 5 STOOGES SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!
    tight hugs, Viki

  4. This information iss priceless. How can I find out more?

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