HitchDieds in Cape Town Podcast Episode 6


00:00 Intro
00:25 Welcome to Earth, Veronica
00:32 I sing, so avert your ears
01:43 How we celebrated the Fourth of July

03:55 Appearing at Abby’s birthday party via Satellite
05:48 “Special sushi mayo”
07:20 Parking wars in Observatory
09:30 Attempting to climb Lion’s Head

11:57 The two things that prevented us from reaching the summit, other than our own cowardice
13:45 Sexist service at Clarke’s (but we still had fun with Collin’s coworkers)
15:08 Programming note: next week’s podcast will be up late because we’ll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary.
15:29 Outro
16:03 EXTRA BIT!


  1. I want to know how the American Hot Dog Sausages were. Also, did you use Heinz ketchup, and is it the same there?

    These are pressing issues.

  2. Loved the song :-)

    Miss you guys!

  3. Your welcome song for darling Veronica was wonderful!!!! Loved it! So happy the two of you had a memorable Fourth of July!!!! I am sure the Muppets all adored seeing the two of you!hysterical that Abby thought you were a recording!!!!!your hike looked gorgeously amazing however far you went! Robbie I am exactly the same in the braveness arena with you….. I am MUCH braver with a leader when I am terrified!!!! Although I still cried and cussed up a storm hiking a waterfall at Yosemitie following Tom thinking that there was NoWayInHell I was EVER going to get back down once we reached the top!!!!!!!! It took another hiker who saw my face tell me there was a switch back on the other side once I was at the top to get back down…….. So I am a horrible scardey cat no matter who is the leader I guess!!!! Tom was hysterical about the sexist beer story!!! Love your podcast!!!!! Made our night!!!!!

  4. I have spent a few Independence Days out of the country, and it’s always weird!

    One of the best ones was in Málaga Spain, while doing a Spanish language immersion course. Fortunately, our building was full of other students and there was a pair of ladies downstairs from Texas, so we had a barbecue with hamburgers and chips and things. It wasn’t quite as awesome as being home in the US, but it definitely made it a little easier.

    Welcome to the world Veronica, and I hope you two have a very happy anniversary!

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