HitchDied the Podcast: Episode 4


The fourth installment of our audio chronicles of life in Cape Town.

00:00 Intro
00:25 A Tale of Two Markets! First, the Old Biscuit Mill
01:55 Second, Hout Bay! [Sorry I kept calling it "Hout's Bay"]

03:50 The best sandwich I’ve ever eaten

05:00 We bought an awesome painting!

05:23 Collin’s monologue on butts
06:45 Last night hanging out with Param
07:32 Our first almost-but-not-really mugging
09:58 We bought a car
11:30 Weird CAN! commercial on South African television
13:40 Collin talking about a kitty. I WAS NEVER EXAGERRATING, INTERNET!
15:01 Outro [I think I was trying to talk backwards at the end like the vanity plate for It's Always Sunny]
15:18 EXTRA BIT!


  1. I love love love your painting!!!!! I loved it when you showed it to me before your podcast but after hearing you talk about tussys………….. It took on a whole new story!!!! You are so hysterical Collin!!!!!!! I cannot believe you WERE MUGGED by a nice man that you were able to instruct him on the proper way to mug someone…… Priceless!!!!!!! Your sandwich looked sooo yummy !!! And I am so glad you found a kitty to love on!!!!!! Keep these comin’. They make my day!!!! And week! Love you two to pieces!!!!!!!

  2. The cats are not in the darkest timeline, I promise!

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