What I’ve Been Doing (Because I Obviously Have Not Been Blogging)


I’m terribly sorry that HitchDied has recently been “Occasional Updates on How Robin’s Runs Are Going.”  It’s not because the only thing I do is run (although it does sometimes feel like that! Race day is in nine days!).  It is because I have been pouring every ounce of creative energy I have into one thing:

The show is TOMORROW NIGHT! We’ve been working out butts off to get an all-new show together before I ship off for South Africa, and I can’t wait for all that hard work to (hopefully!) pay off tomorrow night.  There are so many things I have wanted to tweet over the last few weeks that I have kept to myself to avoid spoiling any of the laughs and surprises in this show, which I may share in blog post form after Saturday. Like, “‘We’ve had a strange couple of days together.’ – Abby to me as we spray paint a [REDACTED].”

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you can find out what [REDACTED] is sooner than everyone else by coming to the show! Not only that, but you’ll probably laugh a few times! And hear the world premier of an insanely amazing mashup by Addi Twigg and the Give a Damns.  All while sipping on the signature Frankly Scarlett cocktail or the libation of your choice.  Tickets are only $5!

If you can’t make it, or if you can’t wait for some lady bits, check out the videos page on our website for some material from our first show.  And stay tuned to franklyscarlettcomedy.com (or follow @FrankScarlett on Twitter) for more funny.


  1. Knock ‘em dead! I’m excitd that there are bits on line! I’ll check them out as soon as I’m not in bed next to a sleeping husband.

  2. Exciting! Guffaws all around!

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