Flashback… err… Saturday?


Remember when I said I was going to start having wedding recap posts on Fridays, and then the first Friday after that declaration rolled around and I didn’t put up a post?  Sorry to be such a let-down.

My excuse is that I’ve been busy preparing for Muppet Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving potluck dinner my friends have together every year.  I host and make the turkey, and I get pretty obsessive about it.  It’s always worth the spiked blood pressure and slips in sanity, though.  We really are like a family, and we need a designated time to show our love and appreciation and gratitude for each other.  It is one of the best days of the year.

This photo was taken at the first Muppet Thanksgiving five years ago, and I think it is undeniable proof my friends are extremely awesome:

[photo by Louis Stein, composition adapted from Rockwell's Freedom From Want]

Next Friday I’ll flashback to something from the wedding, even though everyone will be too busy shopping and eating leftovers to read blog posts.  It’ll be a little treat for my International readers.  [Google Analytics tells me I'm big in Germany.I'm like Hasselhoff! Minus the embarrassing stuff!]


  1. Thats funny that your big in Germany. I’m apparently big in Russia… But only by people googling “cocktails” in Russian… Go figure…

  2. I love the picture! “Made up”/holiday variations specifically to celebrate with friends are my favorite.

    My parents always hosted a “Christmas Tree Party” where they and ALL of their friends and families would head out to get Christmas Trees together (I remember riding around on my Dad’s flatbed 1-ton truck…stuff you could never get away with in Tacoma today!!). We’re thinking about trying to institute that here; perhaps on snowmobiles.

    Have fun with Muppet Thanksgiving!!!

    P.S. Why Muppet?

  3. This is from one of your international readers (in the Netherlands, not Germany though).
    I love the idea of holidays-for-your-friends as an institutionalized thing that you do every year .
    Looks like you really have great friends, the kind that are like family .
    Looking forward to the weddingy recaps (this coming from a married girl), but no hurries, I also love your writing on all the other subjects as well.

  4. I have always wanted to do a friend Thanksgiving but our friends always hightail it out of town for the holiday. Do you guys do it on the actual day or another day?

  5. That is an amazing photo!

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