1. Dude. I can’t look at your wedding photos anymore because everytime I do, I just get all, “OMGHFJDSJKL:SDF AMAZING.”

    I love the bridesmaids dresses, the Maid of Honor dress is lovely, your groom & groomsmen look oh-so dapper.

  2. i came over here to get the link to the posts you did on registry (maybe that was on ba bride…), and 20 minutes later i have to clean the puddle of drool off my laptop…

    i mean, i already knew you were pretty, but dear god woman. i think i’m succeeding in not hating you, but i may have to get bangs for my wedding, because your hair is exactly what i want and if i attempt to recreate it there will probably be hysterics along the lines of, “but it doesn’t look like robin’s!!!” the morning of.

    love it all, hair, dress, veil, and all that HAPPINESS!!

    hope you’re having a fantastic honeymoon :)

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