Task-Tackling Trip!


I’m going to St. Louis tomorrow for a few days of hard-core wedding to-do list shortening with my mother-in-law Viki. So get ready for some very special installations of HitchDied where we will discover…

WILL I be able to get a half-constructed wire jewelry bouquet through airport security?

WILL the good sense of my WASP-y father-in-law Tom win out over the embrace-the-wacky joie de vivre of my mother-in-law Viki re: use of the word “awesome” in our wedding invitations?

WILL Viki convince me to spend too much money on decor details because “Oh my God, Robin, can you IMAGINE? This is SO YOU.”

WILL my to-do list actually get any shorter, or will it mysteriously lengthen?

Stay tuned for the answers to these questions AND MORE! Same Hitch time, same Died channel.


  1. “That is so you, you have to have it!” is one of the most dangerous sentiments known to humanity. Especially when it is uttered by someone who a) really does know what you like, b) is engaging in a little (usually friendly) wish-fulfillment, and c) is not actually paying for any of it. I got through it by repeating “it’s not ‘me’ to spend [obscene amount of money] on [something I'll wear/use once].”

  2. Wishes of shorter to do lists in your future. Have fun in the throes of it.

  3. I am one of the guiltiest parties of saying “you have to have it, it’s so you!”

    But I’m always right! ;)

  4. My mom now pokes fun at me because I over-used the word Awesome on my blog. But you know what? You have to fight that kind of thing. The only way to fight awesome-backlash is with a heavy dose of more awesome.

  5. I could hear Viki saying that in my head when I read it. ;) Good luck! I hope you have a good weekend and get lots done!

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