Invitation Wording: YOU DECIDE


I spent far too much time today working on our invitation layout. I think I have landed on two fonts I am happy with, even though I would have told you sixth months ago that of course our names would be in script, because that is just What Is Done. The fonts are Testarossa NF and Fontleroy Brown.

But we’re still stuck on how to write the rest of the invitation. The first draft I showed Collin said something like “…share their joy at their wedding.” He said, “Can we get the word ‘awesome’ in there?” And I agree the invitations will feel more “us” if we use that word. Even if it will, in ten years, read like if my parents had put “far out” on their wedding invitation. Sometimes being dated is worth it.

So we turn to you, blog friends, to sort out this dilemma. Please vote for your favorite way to end the main sentence of our wedding invitation:


  1. Join them celebration
    at their awesome wedding

    ? Maybe? I dunno.

  2. Can I just say I love your fonts and the art nouveau graphic?

    • YES. Yes, you can say that, because lord knows I will never get back the HOURS of my life I spent looking for those.

      • I think you and Mr. Beagle need to have a chat about invitations. He spent 2 1/2 hours alone just looking for a little icons of a church, hotel bed, bride and groom, and clinking champagne glasses for our map. The two of you can commiserate.

  3. Crap. Missed the “in.” Looking the fool…

  4. “invite you to share in the awesomeness of their wedding”

    I also voted :)

  5. I _love_ the haunted version. It hits the pain of the whole traditional wording when you don’t have parents around square in the jaw.

  6. I like in celebration of their awesome marriage.
    Cause you’re not really celebrating the wedding the wedding is a celebration of the marriage…

  7. The font and design are gorgeous. And I think you should use “Awesome” before everything. Awesome Robin and Awesome Collin invite Awesome You to join in the Awesome Celebration of their Awesome Marriage.

  8. What about:

    AWESOME: Together with their families Robin Hitchcock and Collin Diedrich invite you to join them in…

  9. I would like to preface this comment by telling Robin’s readers:
    (a) i am one of her BFFFFFFs
    (b) i am an underemployed marketing director and I MISS writing ad copy and taglines

    So. My vote is “none of the above” including, “no you can’t use awesome.” Yep, I’m all “ew, I don’t like any of these, let me do it better.” But actually I just think this is important. And while God-I-love-polls, I want to just share some ideas and maybe some of it is food for thought.

    I definitely think you should use the word “awesome” if you want to. It’s your wedding invitation, not your grandma’s. It should reflect you, and the ‘rules’ of weddings are becoming more and more malleable to suit and reflect the people throwing this thing (and putting in all the work) so you do what you want. Period. My only arguments against awesome, if you want to consider them:

    –do you think about looking at this thing years from now/showing your grandkids. Is it possible “awesome” is a slang that will go WAY out of style, thus making you cringe every time you look at your wedding scrapbook? (I’m trying to think of a good example of this, but all I’m coming up with is the movie Never Been Kissed, when they try to make Roofus a cool word, or Mean Girls and “fetch”)

    –more importantly, I think the wedding invites should reflect you + Collin. Is that true of the unorthodox use of the word “awesome.” I feel like, that is Collin’s word/Collin’s thing. Obviously, the story of how this came about seems as if it’s his thing, and you know, “second of all, awesome.” But maybe it’s come to be more both of your thing and I’m just not away. I guess if there was a Robin word in the invite it’d be… “rad” or “mackdaddy”. Use them both? Use neither? I don’t know. Just throwing this idea out there.

    NOW. Let’s go ahead and think about using the word awesome. I started this comment last night and have been beaten to the punch by the clever Miss C. I agree that the “awesome wedding” thing sounds a little …jarringly braggy? I was also going to suggest something like “awesomeness of their wedding.”

    I also would suggest if you use the word awesome to have it modify like, the word “celebration” or even something like, your LOVE for one another is awesome. I’m trying to think how to phrase that:

    Robin and Collin invite you to celebrate with them as they unite in one awesome marriage.
    Robin and Collin invite you to join them in an awesome celebration of love at their mackdaddy wedding.
    Robin and Collin invite you to join in the celebration of their love, which is awesome and true, at their wedding.
    Robin and Collin invite you to join in the celebration of their love. It will be awesome.

    Hope this helps. No matter what though, don’t stress too much. Just one decision of many getting you to your awesome, rad lives together.

  10. Hi Robin!
    I am a fellow APW reader, just found you the other day (thanks for sharing your story with the APW community), and I’m trying to figure out my invitation wording right now too! I want relatively formal but I hate the way the traditional formal wording makes it sound like I am property of my parents and being given as a gift to an established gentlemen… heck, we’re both grade students, I have a last name too, and he has parents too! But at the same time, I want people to know my parents are hosting and I don’t want my grandma to die of a heart attack when she gets my invitation!
    Anyway, I love that you’re using “awesome” and just wanted to add my two cents. How about: “invite you to join in the celebration of their awesome love”. I don’t even think you have to say “wedding”; people will know it’s your wedding. I think it’s fair to say your love is awesome (because you know that, or else you wouldn’t be getting married), rather than the potentially presumptuous “awesome wedding” or “awesome marriage”, although I’m sure both of those will be awesome too!
    I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  11. I have never read my parent’s wedding invitation. I have never gone back and re-read my friend’s wedding invitations. They are pretty and they provide information and then you throw them away-unless you are a hoarder. Do whatever you want. However-love the design and the font-goes well with your reception site.

  12. Ok, this doesn’t have the word awesome, but I loved the wording we found for ours and wanted to share, since it captures a bit of the tone:
    Jenny Lemmons
    & Scott Magic
    would be honored if you’d join them in
    city, state, time
    to celebrate what they will refer to from now on as their

    Maybe you could add an “awesome” in there somewhere?

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