Get Married in a Restaurant


If any of my readers don’t already have a venue for their wedding (not-yet-engaged friends, this means you), I would like to strongly suggest you consider getting married in a restaurant.

The awesome thing about getting married in a restaurant is  you can go have dinner at the place you are getting/were married whenever the hell you want.  (You know, as long as you only want to while they are serving dinner.)

Collin took me to the Grand Concourse, our wedding venue, for Valentine’s Day dinner, despite having told me we were going somewhere I’d never been in some kind of misguided attempt at surprising me.

Could he have picked a better place? No.  Because on top of really delicious food in a beautiful room, I got to spend the night giddily thinking, “We’re getting married here!” [And halfway through my second manhattan, telling everyone who works there the same.]

I also really like the idea that someday we can take our kids to dinner at the Grand Concourse and tell them about our wedding there.  Then again, my parents got married in my grandparents’ living room, which I’ve spent hours and hours and hours in without ever reflecting upon being on the sacred ground of my parents nuptials.  I suspect my trip down memory lane at the Grand Concourse will just make my kids roll their eyes, groan “Shut up, Mom!” and then sullenly push a crab cake around on their plate while staring at the floor.

But they’ll be bratting it up that where their parents got married.  Isn’t that just a lovely thought?



  1. If Stu-Person tells you to “SHUT UP” I’ll ground her so fast she’ll be crying to Wendell-Person for YEARS about how crappy her dad is.

    If you don’t like the idea of naming our kids after our KITTIES we can always name the twins Nun-chuck and Ninja!

    You are great!


  2. I never thought about that! Oh how cool. We’re having our reception at a restaurant/bar and we’ll be able to do this too!

  3. Oh man I wanted to get married in a restaurant so badly! Just didn’t work out logistically though – you are so lucky.

    And your whole kid prediction thing is dead on.

  4. Bratting it up has been added to the boxcar lexicon.

  5. I agree with you completely! We didn’t get married in a restaurant, but did get married in hall over a club that’s in our neighborhood. Every time we walked by the hall on our way to dinner before we got married, I’d squeeze my fiance’s hand and a squee we’re getting married here in x months, days. Now every time we walk by the hall on our way to dinner, I squeeze my husband’s hand, smile, and say we got married here x months, days ago.

  6. Yes, if I were doing it over again from the beginning I would much more seriously consider this option.

  7. Yayyy! We’re getting married in a restaurant too! Now I wanna go there!

  8. Aww that sounds fun! We went to Carnivale (only a potential, but a strong contender) and Isaiah was even saying, “How cool would it be to come back here after we’re married….just to have lunch?”

  9. I was about to comment on your post when I got totally sidetracked by Collin’s schmoopy comment. If you guys are still acting this gooey-eyed when your kids are old enough to whine and sulk at a restaurant, I will be very happy for you indeed.

  10. a very lovely thought! I love the idea of revisiting the site with your children. I would love to take our kids back to the camp ground to swim and tell them about our wedding too.

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