Movie Review: Four Weddings and a Funeral


I haven’t reviewed a wedding movie in a while, so I decided to pop in an old favorite.  And I’ve had British weddings on the brain for some reason lately.

And then a terrible thing happened: I didn’t like Four Weddings and a Funeral this time around.  I remembered it so fondly, but despite charming dialogue and performances, it has all the same problems every other wedding movie I watch has: selfish jerks for romantic leads, a wedding that is so clearly doomed there never should have been an engagementf, all the supporting characters marrying off before the credits (here, in a photo montage).

But I don’t want to write five hundred words about what made me dislike Four Weddings and a Funeral. I want to like Four Weddings and a Funeral! I cannot allow myself to be THIS cynical, or I may have to swear off RomComs entirely, and I am more prepared to eliminate gluten from my diet than I am to remove all the 90-minute forays into imaginary couples’ lives from my Netflix queue.

So, in the interest of pretending I never got so grumpy and joyless as to dislike one of the most beloved wedding movies ever, I will be devoting this post to The Five Greatest Hats in Four Weddings and a Funeral.


Some enchanted afternoon, you may see a stranger across a crowded room. It will be easier to do this if she is wearing a hat the size of a golf umbrella.


Fiona’s floppy pink hat must settle for second place, just like Fiona herself.


Not the white hat in the foreground, which is cute and everything but nothing special, but the blue and white straw hat on the woman in the left of the frame, which distracted me all through Wedding #2, even before I decided to use this review structure.


The random dudes in top hats. You know why Americans think Brits are fuddy duddies? Because in their movies, the extras sometimes have top hats on for no apparent reason.


There are many hats in this film that have one large flower on them. This woman is saying with her hat, “Ladies, sometimes more is more.”

Dishonorable Mention

Scarlett, I realize you are grieving, and I know it can be hard to pull a look together in between hugs and bouts of crying. But this knit patchwork monstrosity would make your friend glad he didn’t live to see someone wear THAT to his funeral.

Honorable Mention

You do, however, deserve some propers for your own wedding headgear.


  1. Americans clearly need to shape up and start wearing top hats for sure. Also, my main memory of this movie is my mom was shocked when I saw it since the first word in it is ‘fuck’ (clearly I was a sheltered child)

    • My main memory was that Andie MacDowell going through the list of people she had slept with, and how it is presented like a lot, but it didn’t seem like all that many to me. (I was ten and my number was, thankfully, zero.)

  2. I need to get some fancy hats. I don’t own any! The anglophile in me is crying.

  3. I remember wishing that we got to see more of the brother’s romance and a lot less of whatshername with the teeth (Henrietta?). Also, I remember not understanding AT ALL why Andie McDowell’s character was getting married, and thinking that I loved the dress she ultimately chose.

  4. When I think of that movie, I totally edit out all the main character’s romances (ESPECIALLY Andy MacDowell. She annoys the crap out of me for some reason- I never quite believe she’s real.)

  5. This is a movie that, when I rewatch it, I find it charming because of the sub-characters and the sub-plots. Like Ten Things I Hate About You, it is a movie that is good not because it is good, but because the acting and supportive cast is truly excellent. I also feel that with the photo montage, people get married, but it’s not all a neat tie-up. It’s simply…what happens over time. Except Fiona, who ends up alone. I never really root for Hugh Grant in this one though, which is why the ending doesn’t bug me.

    Still, absolutely best line, ever, is Scarlett saying, about Henrietta, “it was a really lovely dress, I’m sure she’ll find it useful for parties.”

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