November 2010 Brides Magazine, By the Numbers


# pages: 330
# pages of advertisements: 245 2/3
# pages of “advertorials”: 1
# of remaining 84 and 1/3 pages of content devoted to wedding accessories for your dog: 8
Average price of dog accessories featured in this photo spread: $185.83
Average price of dresses from “Head Turning Dresses from $400 (Honest!)” photo spread: $3,316.44
# of dresses in this photo spread priced under $1,000: 1
# of sticker tabs labeled “hottest,” to mark up magazine, provided by Pantene®: 5
# of un-skinny people pictured: 2
# calories in coyly-referenced meal of celery and Fresca: 19
# real weddings featured: 1 (Sarah and Jonathan)
# imaginary weddings featured: 1 (Annika and Derek)
# of episodes of Parks & Rec I watched while compiling this list of figures: 3.


  1. Will it ever change?

    Is it what we bloggers can change?

  2. I think we should start a zine and sneak it into magazine stands in front of these WIC magazines to start spreading the truth.

  3. ha, this is an awesome breakdown! i mean, not awesome… er… you know what i mean. ridiiiiiculous!

  4. What about accessories for my cat, hmm? Stop discriminating against brides who are cat people instead of dog people, jeez.

  5. When I planned my first wedding, half of the pages were filled with advertisements for honeymoons at either Niagara Falls or the Poconos. This time around, I haven’t even purchased a single magazine, and the closest I have come to looking at their online versions is clicking on a how-to link that someone had to Martha Stewart’s DIY section.

    @KWu, your cat may be potty trained (if so, AWESOME), but will she walk down the aisle on a leash and sit quietly by your side as your “Best Cat”? I didn’t think so. Cats are far too uppity to let a human take center stage.

  6. Angie rocks my world. Let’s overthrow the printed WIC!

  7. Oh my GOD. I get PR pitches for dog-related wedding products all the freaking time and it drives me batty.

    And a magazine or blog wouldn’t know how to find a $400 dress if they tried. Nor can they really promote them, since their operating revenue comes from the much-more-than-$400 dress designers and big name shops. Boo.

    • The thing that really bothered me is that they advertised the feature on the cover and in the table of contents in such a way that it seemed like it would feature plural dresses in the $400 range, and then just thew in one among a completely pedestrian spread of gowns in the $2,500–7,500 range.

  8. those mags are killers. I am a magazine fiend myself but never really got into wedding ones. probably for reasons similaer to why I never got into high end fashion magazines (my daily wardrobe probably adds up to under $50, including shoes).

    I did love the parks & rec reference though! that show is the greatest!!!!

  9. WOWZA. My gal Angie is right. And I am glad for the existence of Parks and Rec so that the world is now aware of these stats.

  10. GOOD WORK! also, the fact you made some headway on parks and recreation in the meantime is amazing. one of my favorite shows.

  11. Celery and Fresca???? Because nothing makes you happier, calmer, and more beautiful for that perfect day than starvation…

  12. I’d love to do this for the UK version of the magazine and see how the figures compare! Would you mind it if I did – all credit to you of course :D

    It was really interesting to read this, though the results were what I’d expect! Such an expensive magazine too :(

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