A Modest Proposal


[Preface: Anyone want to take a bet on how many wedding blog entries have that title? Mine is seventeen hundred.]

Collin now has an engagement ring.  I bought it for six bucks off a counter display at a store for teenagers at the mall.

I also bought three other potential rings, all with similar prices and lame origin stories.  The first ring I bought online, but the photo representing the ring was the biggest photographic misrepresentation of a product this side of OK Cupid.  I immediately rejected it and headed to the mall, where I purchased a second ring that had a nifty design lasered onto it but seemed like it would be uncomfortable to wear.  Then I found a completely plain ring at H&M for five dollars and decided to add that to the mix.  Finally, I had to get the ring Collin ultimately chose because it was my favorite I’d seen so far—a very thin wavy band in a dark goldish color.

I hedged by bets by presenting all four options.  I did this for a few reasons.  First, Collin is insanely picky.  His pickiness is also hard to predict.  Plus, he’s generally uncomfortable with being given gifts, and I think that tendency exacerbates his pickiness over gifted objects.  Additionally, the ring I liked the most had no information about its metal content other than “nickel-free,” but despite that assurance I worried it would cause irritation or turn his skin green or something and I wanted him to know off the bat he could swap it out for another option.

I proposed by putting all four of the rings on StuKitty’s collar.  The first thing Collin does when he gets home is feed and pet his kitties.  But he didn’t notice the rings immediately like I thought he would, so I lured StuKitty back over to Collin with a treat.  Collin still didn’t notice.  Finally, I ordered him to pick up the cat, and Collin caught on right away to the game I was playing.

He was very excited to pick a ring.   I think he mainly based his decision on fit, even though none of them were perfect. In fact we lost the ring for about five minutes after Collin shook his hand violently to test the fit and found it was loose enough to fly in those circumstances.  I told Collin that at six bucks a pop, we might just want to stock up on a year’s supply.

Anyway, here’s hoping the ring doesn’t fall off, provoke a skin reaction, or get too brutally mocked by Collin’s macho buddies for the next 53 weeks.  I really like both of us wearing rings.

As for the reject rings, If they don’t have to come off the bench, I will try working them into the metal boutonnieres I am planning on making for the dudes in the Bridal Hootenanny.


  1. I love that your proposal was as awkward as so many guys’ proposals.

    Is Collin going to stop wearing his engagement ring after the wedding? Tony balked at the idea because he only wants to wear one ring (and he’s insanely, um, frugal).

    • I think we’ll upgrayedd to his wedding band and put the engagement ring in a memory box or fasten it into a wedding scrapbook or something Martha Stewarty like that.

    • That is Mr. Beagle’s issue. I have offered to get him a ring too, because I also like the idea of us both wearing engagement rings. But he doesn’t want me to spend money on something he’ll only wear for a year. Even if it’s cheap. And he’s not big on memory box/scrapbook type stuff.

  2. i love you guys…………
    too too too cute

  3. So cute! I can’t but adore kitten proposals!

  4. way to get the kitty involved! very adorable and very sweet!

  5. I love this story, but I am dying over here to find out: Did he say YES?????

  6. Love this story. Kittens , multiple ring options, and sweet sideways turns in the process!

    However, I will stand up for (some) photographic representations on OKCupid. If Jason’s hadn’t been honest, I wouldn’t be here commenting on this wedding blog.

    Also, I bet you it’s 1,701.

  7. You’re the cutest! My floop! Super cute! Mmmmmmmmmmmm noon!
    I love you 3

  8. i…love…it….so…much!!!! everyone deserves a kitten proposal!

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