I Think I Am So Funny


Because reading wedding blogs makes me see the world differently, I ran around my friend Liz’s 4th of July BBQ taking “detail shots,” and then I did some crappy photo editing.

First the detail that inspired it all, the detail that actually merited a detail shot: Kaitlin’s masterful red, “white,” and blue sangria pitchers. In addition to white wine and fresh and frozen fruit, red had brandy, “white” had apple-flavored gin, and blue had brandy and blue Curaçao:

I had to follow up with a shot of my brother-in-law’s idea of how to present libations:

At this point I was on a roll, so I hit up a classic: a pair of shoes without feet in them.

Here’s another detail actually provided by the hostess:

And finally, the alley out back after ten people shotgunned beers:

You can tell it was a great party because I have shown you close-up photos of the stuff at it.


  1. shotgunnin’ burrs! what a partay!

    backpack of beers = business time.

    happy belated fourth!

  2. “You can tell it was a great party because I have shown you close-up photos of the stuff at it.”

    I think this might be my favorite wedding joke ever.

  3. Love love LOVE the shot of the patio! The beer spray patterns are so INSPIRED! The pattern on the toilet paper — such a lovely detail! And the bold blue of the Bud Lite cans just PULLS IT ALL TOGETHER.

    You know, it just goes to show. Thought, effort, and details really are what makes or breaks an event.

  4. the only thing missing are flag “place” cookies!!!!!!!!! darn

  5. Robin, I hope you will send me these photos so that my facebook album accurately captures the detail of the awesome party.

    Also, what you didn’t capture was you being an awesome party helper-hostess. So, blogosphere, Robin is an awesome party support team member, in addition to being a sassy blogger, kick ass bride to be, and all around spectacular lady.

  6. I long to shotgun beers with y’all again!

  7. Hahaa “You can tell it was a great party because I’ve shown you close-ups of all of the stuff at it” hilarioussss…

    Looks like a winner!

  8. Firstly, I adore you and your up close pictures of stuff. Secondly, I just wanted to note that the red sangria contained red port and not white wine. The blue and the white each contained different white wines. Thirdly, I especially appreciate the shot of the ground post group beer shotgunning.

  9. I could do with some sangria right about now!

    And you are actually so funny ;)

  10. ha ha ha this is great! i love the sangria idea. the toilet paper is pretty badass too

  11. ha ha ha ha ha oh lord the world we live in is bananas

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