Do You Take Me?


In today’s Bar Review class1 I learned that, in Pennsylvania, you can officiate your own wedding if you file the appropriate paperwork.

I don’t know if Collin and I are talented enough at public speaking to pull that sort of thing off… but it’s nice to know it is an option.

1Isn’t it great when actual responsibilities and wedding obsession dovetail like that?


  1. that’s pretty awesome. and now i’m tempted to drive an hour and do it.

    • I think you guys would be GREAT at leading your own ceremony. Maybe you can do it in Maryland and just have an official person step in at the end and wave their hand to solemnify the thing or whatever your state requires.

  2. “Isn’t it great when actual responsibilities and wedding obsession dovetail like that?”

    Absolutely. In fact my Law, Politics & the Arts class this past spring solved my last name after getting married issue when we read someone famous’ will.

  3. Isn’t the Pennsylvania law related to the Quaker or Amish marriage ceremonies?

    We want to do something kind of like a Quaker marriage certificate but we’re not Quakers, so maybe just the signatures with our ee cummings poem or something, so as not to misappropriate traditions that aren’t really ours.

  4. That is REALLY cool to know! I think we’re having my grandpa marry us. Have you thought about who will be your officiant? Whether it’ll be an officiant, officiant, or a family member?

    • All we’ve really done on the officiant front is argue about whether or not we can find a rabbi who will marry us on a Saturday before sunset. I would love our officiant to be someone we know, even if it is in a less personal capacity like a rabbi.

  5. We also learned that I could marry you guys. So if that Rabbi is trying to squeeze you for some money, I can always step in at the last minute.

  6. ha ha ha got to love the overlap. I love that idea. I just keep picturing someone at the altar then jumping back and forth between standing where the bride stands and where the officiant stands. I feel like you would need props, like a mustache or top hat so people could tell who was who

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