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“Our wedding is going to be beautiful and wonderful and we’ll talk about it forever.”

I realized mid-way through this morning’s bar review lecture on partnerships (irony!) that getting married next July would present something of a conflict to Collin’s brother-in-law Matt (who also introduced us), who will be taking the bar exam next summer.  So I thought, “Ok, fine, I guess we can get married July 30th, after the bar.”  But that felt… so…. far…. away…. so close to August, and I never wanted to get married in the summer in the first place, and at this point I’m sure something else will come up that makes July 30th unavailable, and WHY DON’T WE JUST ELOPE?

[Is there a catchy blog term for those "WHY DON'T WE JUST ELOPE?" moments?  There should be, and I hereby solicit recommendations.   Perhaps we'll have a general election later.]

Anyway, I texted Collin, “Why don’t we just elope!?”  I drove home.  I found a package with Sarah‘s extra brooches for my bouquet on my front porch.  I received an email from our wedding planner reminding us we have a meeting to lock down our venue and date this weekend.  Collin had responded to the email earlier in the morning with something along the lines of: “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” [Like mother, like son.]

I was starting to remember the things about the wedding that make me feel really happy and excited.

And then Collin called.  He asked me if I got his texts.  I didn’t.  One was from Matt, assuring us he will pass the bar even if we have our wedding mid-July.  The next was the first line of this post.  And Collin is right.  Things will work out, and all of this stress (and all of that money) will be worth having loved ones with us when we start our marriage.

I should probably have Collin’s text printed on a business card and keep it in my wallet for all my future “why don’t we just elope?” moments.


  1. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! [j.k.]

    I totally understand this. This morning, I woke up to a comment in my inbox that pretty much said our wedding plan is going to fall apart and that I need a different plan.

    Which left me feeling (once again) like I want to just go off one weekend and come home married. I teeter on the brink of elopement on a regular basis.

    • “Teetering on the Brink of Elopement” would be a great name for a wedding blog. [And what does it say about my life that I've gone from "great name for an album" to this?]

  2. We got our marriage license yesterday. I opened up the envelope, looked at all of the papers, and thought, we could so do this right now…. (well in 48-hours)

    But like you said “the things about the wedding that make me feel really happy and excited” started filling my head and I changed my mind.

    Those feelings are brief and fleeting, but definitely powerful.

  3. for ever and always, all ways

  4. its is very important to remember the little happy parts. those are the long term memories anyhow :)

    i think we all have the elope dream time to time but I will be glad to celebrate with friend and fam too :)

  5. I very rarely have the urge to elope. I think I’m alone in that. Sure, I have “fuck it, we don’t need to feed everyone” moments and I have “do I really give a damn about the cake moments” and I have “why can’t I just wear a short white dress I don’t need to get altered” moments.
    Truth be told, I honor those moments because they keep me from having the “why don’t we just elope” moments. The easiest way to get past those moments is to make a decision and then move on – the same way the tell us to handle the MBEs – just pick an answer, move to the next question.

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