Happy Mother’s Day, Viki


One of the biggest perks to marrying Collin is his mother, Viki.  You may have seen her comment on this blog.  She’s the one who ends every sentence with exclamation points numbering in the double-digits.

[My hand to God, when I emailed Viki a photo of my engagement ring, she responded with an email with exactly four sentences and a total of 122 exclamation points.]

Viki is the happiest person in the world.  Or rather, the happiest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t mean to tease.  I love how excited Viki is just to live every day.  I love how much joy she gets out of life.  This woman dyed a streak of turquoise into her hair to pay tribute to how creative God was in creating so many colors!  She says every snowflake is a miracle! She even finds bliss in appreciating bizarre insects like the stick bug.

And she spreads her happiness around.  I see her bring joy to her friends and to her family, to her pets, even to strangers.  I once saw her talk to a woman who had dialed the wrong number for twenty minutes, listening to this woman cry about a cancer diagnosis and offering support.

And she’s been so welcoming to me from the day I met her; totally embracing me into her wonderful family.  I spent Christmas at their house last year, and even though I insisted I didn’t need to celebrate on the holiday she woke up early, went out into her yard in the snow, found an evergreen tree, cut off a branch, and potted it.  She hung earrings as ornaments.  She even put a clip-on earring shaped like a star at the top.  And then she found some small tchotchkes around the house and wrapped them up as gifts.  All so I could have some presents waiting for me under a tree on Christmas morning:

So, Dear Viki:

I love you so much!  You are a wonderful woman, and I’m so glad you’ll be my family.  And (to repeat something three times for emphasis the way you often do) I thank you, thank you, thank you for raising someone as special and kind and fun and terrific as Collin. Happy Mother’s Day.

With profound respect and endless love,



  1. Sounds like an awesome woman. You and Colin are very lucky.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Vicki!

  2. Okay, the Christmas tree story just made me tear up. Fantastic.

  3. OH MY GOD my dear dear Robin…….my heart is truly filled with so much love for you that the tears that are pouring out of my eyes while I am reading this love letter are coming from way deep down from the very bottom of my heart. (So I have ALOT of them!!!)They are warming my soul and filling it with the wonderfulness of you. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!I will cherish your words and kind thoughts on this Mothers Day for the rest of my life! What a gift you are for me and our family! I am so happy that you appreciate my simple mind and don’t think that I am totally bizzarro…I don’t have the vocabulary to explain my feelings that I feel inside…. I am not good with words so the explanation marks are emphasizing my emotions…. and I have alot of emotions when it comes to my children!!!! Tom and I constantly say to each other how blessed we are that we love who our children have chosen to marry….and we really and truly LOVE them all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You and Collin take my breath away…I adore the two of you to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( and I am sure having alot of fun loving and adoring you, Robin!!!!)

  4. Holy moly, you made me cry too. I am humbled and glad for you and a mite bit jealous. How lucky you all are to have found one another.

  5. This is beyond sweet – I love hearing people pour out their gratitude for each other! So happy for you!

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