Idea For Someone Who Is Not Me


Someone who is not me (someone who could be reasonably expected to waltz with their intended spouse) should totally do their first dance to  “Married Life” from the Up score. [Grab tissues and watch!]

The song is sort of long, so I recommend combining the first dance and the “which couple has been married the longest” dance. [You may remind those long-married couples and everyone thinking about how cute they are of the grim specter of death, but as I intimated yesterday, there nothing like the threat of mortality to get people partying.]

You’re welcome.


  1. Oh dear sweet Jesus I can’t make it through 5 seconds of that song without welling up, there’s NO WAY i could dance to it at my wedding.

    but it’s still a cute idea. just not for me either haha

  2. i’m crying thinking about it…i was a mess during that sequence of the movie

  3. Hello! I’ll be using this as my first dance :) stumbled upon this when I was looking for others that have used the same song :)

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