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Wedding-induced insanity creeps further:  I just read the A.V. Club’s Scenic Routes article on a sequence from the 1932 exploitation-classic Freaks.  I think most readers of the piece are likely to take away thoughts like, “I never knew the original source of that familiar chant!” or “What films made today will still be watched in eighty years, but at that time be considered offensive and impossible to remake?”

But for me, the biggest take away from that article was a screen capture of the villainous bride’s awesome dress:

Gooble gobble!

I can see it now.  I wear a dress just like that one.  The day of my wedding, my guests all say, “what a beautiful and unusual dress!”  I, compulsively incapable of not providing people with FACTS, respond, “Thank you! It was inspired by a costume from the movie Freaks!”  Some try to hide their judgment as they end the conversation with a wary, “Oooh.”  Others aren’t familiar with the film and ask follow-up questions, which I answer honestly.  They can’t help but show a bit of shock at my insensitivity and bad taste.  Some geek pushes up his or her glasses and says, “You do realize what happens to Cleopatra at the end of the movie, right?”

At least I’ll look fabulous.


  1. Huh. And here, all this time, I thought it was from that Ramones song. The postmodern is self-referential indeed.

    And: I love that dress.

  2. I love the dress too, but I was more struck by that woman’s awesome arms.

  3. If I recall correctly, I said “my crazy eyes demand that you check out my lady guns!”

  4. oh my god! more wedding blogs need to reference this movie! i love that you know about it too!

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