Visualize This


You know what I don’t have? A vision of my dream wedding.  I just can not see the day in my head.

But if I focus, I can feel my dream wedding. I feel fun. I feel the comfort and joy of being surrounded by my family and friends. I feel love for Collin. I feel relaxed. That’s my dream wedding.

Can fun, love, and sanity be my wedding colors?


  1. I feel like it is probably a good thing to not see the day in your head. Trying to make that vision reality seems like more work and stress than it is worth (although I do not doubt your party planning prowess), whereas putting together a party that lets you feel loved seems awesome. I know your wedding will be rad to the max, just like you.

    If those are your colors, dibs on “fun.”

    • Thanks, Reg. But I am apparently full of crap, because while Collin was getting dressed this morning, I rolled over, sketched an idea for a centerpiece in orange Sharpie, and then fell back asleep.

  2. Yes. and put that on your invites. It will keep the naysayers at bay.

  3. I don’t have wedding colors. and people FREAK OUT. Although I do have a “vision” it’s mostly lovely people, delicious food and random flowers shoved in vases.

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