Our wedding team:

Photographer: Louis Stein.

Wedding planner:  Shannon Capellupo, A Reason to Celebrate

Music, Bait & Switch, Paul Tabachneck


Cyber Bridesmaids:

Angie, Anna and the Ring

Becca, A Los Angeles Love

Bird, Queer Skies Ahead

Bret, All Things ‘Zilla

E., Engaged Otherwise

Emma, The Discerning Dilettante

Kathleen, The Mirthmobile

Kerry, Fancy Notion

K.Wu, A Jersey Hootenanny Wedding

Lisa, Craft My Life

Lizzie, Love Your Way

Lyn, Another Damn Life and Another Damn Wedding.

Mel, Maryland Mel

Mouse, Souris Mariage

Ms. Bunny, Grey & Shiny

Rachelle, Oh Deerio

Sarah, Inconceivable Life.

Shae, Bride Sans Tulle

Tabitha, Ms. Awesome Weds

[PSST: Wanna be a cyber bridesmaid? Did I screw up your link? Email me!]


  1. Um, why have I not known about you, for like, ever? Glad I know now! And am I missing your RSS feed link. Uh, I need you in my Google Reader. Like, stat.

  2. uyjnowh

  3. Хочешь снять девочку? тогда тебе надо к нам проститутки нн
    лечим секусуальную недостаточность!

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